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Lamar Jackson’s 30-7 Starting Record Makes Baltimore Ravens Amongst Favorites To Finish With Best NFL Record

When it comes down to the regular season, the Baltimore Ravens are perhaps one of the most solid franchises in the whole of the National Football League when it comes to compiling a positive record.

The Ravens continue to reach the postseason of each campaign they take to the gridiron, which is why they are always fancied to be a strong contender when taking a look at the odds of them finishing with one of the best NFL records.

Lamar Jackson is a major reason for a great NFL record

One of the main reasons why they are able to be extremely consistent in regards to being able to put up one of the best win records each season over the last few years is largely down to their superstar quarterback, Lamar Jackson.

A former MVP winner, Jackson has a record that many QBs in the league would be delighted to be able to boast about as a starter, as he has managed to build a 30-7 record leading the Ravens’ offense. In addition, he also seems to have the ability to be calm under pressure as he managed to win Baltimore’s final five 2020 regular-season games last year and provide them with an 11-5 overall win record, which was enough for a wildcard spot in the playoffs.

Indeed, he will need to be at his best from game one when they take on the Las Vegas Raiders at the Allegiant Stadium on September 13. If he is ready, it would seem that he should be able to get Baltimore their first win of the season as the PA sports betting odds have provided them with a price of -225 across the Moneyline to win.

Defense is just as vital

Another reason why the Ravens are always amongst the leading teams is due to the defense that Coach John Harbaugh has created. The team continues to rank highly in a number of key stats, such as being just second in the fewest points conceded (with the Los Angeles Rams first) and seventh in fewest yards allowed.

Don Martindale needs to be paid huge props for his work as the defensive coordinator and it is clear that he has had a telling impact on the defense, as the team has also managed to field a top-three scoring defense as well as being extremely disciplined and tight.

What does the 2021 NFL Schedule suggest will happen?

One of the best ways in which predictions are made about whether a team will be able to have a strong regular season in the league is by looking at the data and information provided when looking at each franchise’s respective schedule and its strength.

Unfortunately for the Ravens, they have one of the hardest schedules in the NFL, which suggests that Harbaugh’s team has the second toughest group of fixtures to contend with.

Taking the data available from the 2020 season, the combined record of their opponents reads 152-118-2, which translates to a combined win percentage of .563. Only the Pittsburgh Steelers have a tougher schedule by that particular metric.

Who will be competing for the best NFL record of 2021?

Whilst the Baltimore Ravens will always be amongst the favorites to be in the hunt for the best NFL record of 2021, there will also be a number of other teams that will look to lay claim to it, as well.

The biggest challenges will likely be the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as both franchises have exceptional squads that can compete on both sides of the ball, hence the reason why they both made last season’s Super Bowl. With Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady in the fold leading their respective offenses, a number of wins will be a virtual guarantee.

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