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OPINION: Annapolis Resident Asks “Where Are The Police?”

To Whom it may concern,

As a city tax-paying resident. I am appalled and deeply concerned about the drastic rise in violent street crime in the city of Annapolis. I am writing to the Police Department and Mayor’s office to find out what you’re doing about it.

Just 2 weekends ago there was a violent attack on a woman on Main Street out front of Acme Bar and Grill. People videoing men and women hitting, stomping, kicking, and dragging a woman. No one stepped in to help. There were no officers on the scene. Why was this not released to the public? Why were citizens not made aware of a horrific violent attack? Why have no news outlets released anything? Please see the attached video showing the attack, I hope this makes you sick to your stomach.

Fast forward to just last night. There was a shooting on Clay street and an innocent woman at the Graduate hotel was hit by a stray bullet and is now DEAD. Where is the media release? We as city residents deserve to be informed.

Also last night, up the road just a bit at the Annapolis Towne Center (yes I am aware this is AACOPD) 2 individuals carjacked a car.  Crickets.

Or how about the illegal dirtbikes flying down Compromise St. circling cops and taunting them because officers cannot do anything? Better yet let’s discuss the individuals who are walking around downtown Annapolis and slapping drinks across tables where paying consumers are dining outside. Do we need to go back and mention the juveniles that attacked a woman and then the man who tried helping her at the city dock a few months back? Or what about the drive-by shooting at 3 pm on Cedar Park Rd where so many families walk daily?

My point is this- violent crime is consistently increasing. The police officer’s hands are tied. They risk losing their job or life because we sure know the city politicians don’t have their backs. You all want to make an example out of good officers to cater to the woke culture. We have city leaders who want to defund the police (Councilman Gay and
Savidge), are they out of their damn minds, or just woke? What is your excuse Mr. Buckley and Mr. Jackson? Not enough cops? WRONG- you both are to blame. Your lack of leadership and negligence in keeping our community safe is criminal. I don’t own a business in the city, but as a patron, you can bet your ass I won’t be spending another single dollar downtown Annapolis. Because I fear for my children and my safety. If I were a business owner I would be getting others to sue the city because of their criminal negligence. You both should be ashamed of yourselves. Neither one of you deserve the title of Mayor or Chief. Here is a genius idea Mr. Jackson, put on a patrol uniform
and hit the streets with your officers. Don’t stand for the crime, be a presence and make it known criminals are NOT UNTOUCHABLE in the city limits. And Mr. Buckley- how about informing your residents? We deserve to know what the hell is going on in our beloved city and you both have an obligation to inform us and keep our city business and
taxpayers safe. As of 12:32 pm on June 29th, there has been no media or daily report.


Name Withheld Upon Request

Editor’s Note: We are aware of a shooting in the Clay Street neighborhood early on 6/29/21. However, neither the Annapolis Police Department nor the Mayor’s Office has released any information or a statement.

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