February 3, 2023
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Michael Everest DeMarco Partners With Bank to Help Actors with Smarter Savings, Investing Strategies

For years and years now, Michael Everest DeMarco has been looking for ways to better serve the acting community based on his decades of experience in the world of theater and in front of the camera.

Born in New Orleans, before moving to New York and then Los Angeles to pursue a career in the world of acting (and having more than his fair share of success added, too), DeMarco understands better than most that new actors have a whole lot more to worry about when just getting started than nailing their lines and hitting their marks.

Unless new actors consciously watch their money – and work with the right bank to save and grow it – they are going to have a harder time in this career than they would have otherwise.

An Actor That Knows What Happens When You Don’t Watch Your Early Earnings

Michael Everest DeMarco has always been a grinder, willing to work harder (and longer) than anyone else to manifest the kind of acting career most people only ever dream of.

Spending a little bit of time in front of the TV camera but most of his time in the world of theater, DeMarco can’t remember a single season of his life that he hasn’t spent working in the world of entertainment.

At the same time, this actor hasn’t ever been shy about letting new actors know just how hard the early years of his career were – especially because of poor financial choices that really setback his road to success, slowed his career progress, and (one point) had him questioning whether or not the acting world was really where he belonged.

Partnering with a Bank to Help Young Actors Build a Solid Financial Base

Thankfully though, after partnering with a local (to him) area Louisiana bank and learning how to manage his money better – and create that financial foundation that the rest of his career could be built on top of – today, Michael Everest DeMarco really doesn’t worry about money any longer.

Instead, he’s able to focus on taking the kinds of roles and opportunities that really like the artistic fire inside of him. He’s no longer chasing the big paycheck, the big payday, or trying to shave a couple of extra points off the back end.

When Michael Everest DeMarco isn’t up on stage, however, he is working directly with younger actors, just establishing their career to help them straight away the money side of things.

The Louisiana bank that he has partnered up with has created a number of programs and initiatives specifically designed to help those in the entertainment business get off on the right foot—and they need not be local. These programs and initiatives have already proven to be wildly successful and are becoming a bit of a template for other financial institutions across the country to mimic as well.

At the end of the day, DeMarco is still more concerned with the art and entertainment aspects of the acting world than squeezing an extra penny out of these gigs.

But that’s only possible because of the smart financial moves he made earlier on in his career, the same kind of moves he wants young actors to be aware of so that they can enjoy the kind of flexibility and freedom he has today!


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