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LawDepot is Opening Up Horizons for Underprivileged

It is a known fact that global wealth is in the control of only a handful of individuals spread around the world. Nowhere else is this concentration more prevalent than in a developed nation like the USA where this wealth gap is even more disturbing. Obviously, this may be because the laws are not supportive of equal wealth distribution as some people have much more than others.

While this norm has some logic behind it, the American laws are heavily stacked against the people who lack the resources to fund for legal intervention in case of any unjust treatment meted out to them. The justice gap has further worsened due to the increasing inequality in income, which has as a result reduced funds necessary for accessing legal aid to the low-income and underprivileged sections of society.

A survey conducted in 2018 revealed that of the 70% of civil legal disputes lodged in 2017 by Americans in the low-income bracket, as many as 80% of them did not have the resources to access effective legal representation. Not only this rising inequality impeded the acquisition of their fair share of income, it drastically reduced the odds of getting a fair deal from the legal system.

Why is the gap broadening in 2021?

Levels of poverty and inequality have been greatly affected by the public health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. While the focus of the world is understandably on vaccinations in order to reduce infections and fatalities, the virus outbreak has caused global growth to plummet, thereby increasing the wealth gap within countries.

An increase in inequality in 2020 has been further fueled for a number of reasons:

  • Almost every high-paid worker has started working from home, a luxury a lower-paid blue-collar worker can ill afford.
  • A very high percentage of this low salaried group are essentially involved in front-line duties during the pandemic. Services like nursing, cleaning, teaching, garbage removal and store clerks can become superspreaders as interaction with infected people is much greater.
  • Another section of low-paid workers is linked with services that have been suspended like tourism, travel, and hotels.
  • The increase in inequality and poverty has become more pronounced after the pandemic, between the rich nations who have bailed out their citizens with fiscal stimulus and the poorer countries who just do not have the resources to match them.

A survey of 37 countries has indicated depressing findings. While many households reported declining incomes the poorer sections were the hardest hit with a decline of 82% in their monthly earnings. Even in a rich nation like America, two million households have reported that they did not have enough food to eat since the pandemic, while the severely hit African American households claimed that one in five out of them have nothing left to eat at all.

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has come as a boon for the super-rich. While 44 million people lost their jobs in Q2 of 2020 the wealth of the leading five billionaires jumped by $102 billion, and the combined fortunes of all the billionaires by $637 billion. Final figures showed their total net worth to be $3.6 trillion, an amount considerably higher than the combined wealth of all the countries on the African continent.

This massive accumulation of wealth by a small minority of Americans has created the highest level of inequality among all countries in the world. These figures are further skewed, as it is estimated that the racial wealth gap is even more than it was at the peak of the civil rights movement in 1968. It is high time that the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, and other institutions related to development address these issues immediately to meet the needs of the challenge provided by the increasing wealth gap.

Navigate legal advice on LawDepot

With a seven day free trial and a monthly subscription of $33 per month after the trial ends, the LawDepot online service is a godsend opportunity for small and medium businesses as well as individuals and families who wish to create and download legal papers at an affordable cost without having to pay the high fees charged by a traditional lawyer.

When founded way back in 2001, the main aim of LawDepot was to provide affordable and accessible legal documents to people to deal with the situations they face in everyday life. Today LawDepot offers 150 document templates, suitable for all over the US and meticulously prepared by their team of legal professionals who are thorough in their knowledge on the law in different parts of the world.

LawDepot essentially offers online legal services that assist you in your legal work with regards to the creation of documents like wills, partnership deed, lease deed, and a number of other legal services. All you need to do is to answer a few questions after which you will get the option to download the required document from a computer while sitting at home.

A report reveals that the online will maker market is growing at a rapid pace. Saving money on attorneys and creating legal documents without having to step out of the house, especially in uncertain times, has fuelled the demand for online legal services like LawDepot.

With an overall rating of 96.5% in a review by OnlineWillMakers published in May 2021, LawDepot was far ahead of its competitors in the following departments:

  • Living will
  • Last will and testament
  • Financial Power of Attorney
  • Living trust
  • Affidavit
  • Will Codicil

In addition, it offers:

  • A seven-day free trial
  • Easy streamlined process and easy to understand interface
  • Single subscription/document option
  • State-specific documents(documents tailored to reflect the laws of different states)
  • Excellent customer service

Objectives of online legal services 

Rather than go into all the trouble of visiting an attorney in the office and paying an exorbitant hourly rate to hear you out, there are several online legal services that will provide the same assistance at a reasonable cost. Regardless of the value of your estate, it is important to have a will in place, to help in distributing your assets to your loved ones.

For those who want a will in quick time, LawDepot can draft a document for you in less than ten minutes. Once you have signed into your account, select the Document tab and just click on the name of the document you want to print. As long as your subscription is valid, you can download as many documents as you want. Generally, it is said that if a document exists, you can find it on LawDepot.

Another reason why LawDepot is the best in its class is that it helps individuals with the best online legal service for FREE, albeit for a seven-day trial period. Of course, there are a few strings attached if you don’t cancel in time then $33 gets automatically deducted from your credit card account. Regardless of this, it is a boon for those people who are underprivileged as they can download any form they need by paying nothing.

In case you need help from a verified Attorney, you have the option to chat, email, text, or phone with a professional 24-7 by obtaining the JustAnswer Membership for $50 per month. No need for appointments or responses. It takes a few minutes to connect to an expert.

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