March 21, 2023
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How to Work Remotely at Home with High Productivity

Modern technologies are changing our daily lives more and more rapidly. Thanks to their development, many people today have a unique opportunity – to work remotely from home via the Internet. An increasing number of companies are choosing to move their work online, which eliminates the need for office rent. If you work in such a company or as a freelancer and have just decided to organize your workplace at home, these helpful recommendations will come in handy.

How to Organize Your Workplace?

First, you need to decide how much space you need and what will be included in this zone. If you work online, then a small computer table is suitable for you. If you are dealing with papers or books, then you need to think in advance about where these items will be located so that they are always at hand. If you do not have a free room for a full-fledged office, equip at least a small but functional workspace.

Secondly, you need to install all the important tools on your desktop, including a file management system (Microsoft 365), convenient browser, email, SOHO phone system, and all the necessary programs. If you need to migrate from Windows Live Mail to MS Outlook, it is worth organizing it in advance in order not to do it during your working hours.

What Is Your Working Schedule?

It is essential for a freelancer to correctly schedule one’s working hours and clearly distinguish tasks related to work and household chores. Otherwise, the coffee pause may end with cooking or cleaning. When working remotely, you need a well-defined working schedule.

Set the habit of starting work tasks at the same time. Be sure to take several breaks, the length of which should be set in advance. According to most freelancers, you need to alternate 45 minutes of work with 15 minutes of rest. Moreover, it is advisable to spend this quarter of an hour not in front of a monitor on social networks or TV, but completely switch your attention to something relaxing. It is also desirable to finish the working day according to the established schedule. Good time management is the key to high productivity when working remotely.

Work tracking tools and effective computer screen monitoring software and PC tracking software have become some of the most functional solutions for employers to ensure that employees are performing honest work while on company time.

Free Time and Communication

Freelancing allows you to work without leaving your own home. However, some people completely forget that from time to time it is worth leaving the house. Walking is very important for both your physical and mental health. For example, you can start your day by spending time outside to get a boost of energy and motivation for the work ahead.

It is also very important to maintain an active social life:

  • spend time with your family;
  • go out with friends more often;
  • stay in touch with colleagues.

Of course, finding a balance between your job, sport, family, and hobby is an ideal option. If you still haven’t reached such a harmony, do not be upset – the main thing is to continue trying!

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