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Here is why You Should Add Delta-8 Gel Capsules to your Travel Kit

| June 14, 2021, 06:00 PM

If you are here, you probably know about the three most researched cannabis compounds. These are THC (also known as Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBN (also known as cannabinol), and CBD (also known as cannabidiol). However, you might not have heard about Delta-8 capsules. Delta-8 is one of the top four cannabinoids that scientists are researching nowadays. Though delta-8 has a presence in most cannabis plants, it is not as abundant as delta-9 THC. It is still a newbie in the market with research going on.

The only difference between delta-8 and delta-9 is the position of the atomic bond. When scientists and researchers asked users about their experience with delta-8, they said that they experienced a medium-high but not as high compared to delta-9. Delta-8 interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors of the brain simultaneously, so users experience a mild high effect. In addition, they felt that they were more energetic and relaxed. Today, we would cover the benefits of delta-8 capsules and why they can be a great addition to your travel kit.

Benefits of taking Delta-8 capsules

Delta-8, though it may not be as popular now, has immense benefits, as researchers conclude from their findings. Being from the cannabis family, we can say that it is a psychotropic compound. Before we dig deep into how delta-8 capsules can be a boon during travel journeys, let us first explain its expected benefits.

The National Cancer Institute says that delta-8 can act as the following –

  1. An analgesic – People use analgesic to cure pain. Analgesics are painkillers.
  2. Antiemetic – Poeple use antiemetics to treat nauseatic pain. It is a drug that can help with side effects arising from general anesthesia, chemotherapy, and opioid pain relievers.
  3. An anxiolytic – As the name suggests, an anxiolytic is given for anxiety attacks.
  4. A neuroprotectant – As a neuroprotectant, delts-8 helps reverse the damage to the nervous system, the cells involved, and its structure.
  5. An appetite stimulant

Why add Delta-8 to your travel kit?

There are a plethora of reasons as to why you should add delta-8 capsules in your travel bags. Whether you want to relax on a vacay or have a dose with your social gathering, delta-8 is generally a safer option. Not only that, while on a plane, people tend to have vomiting issues, pain, muscle aches, nausea, anxiety attacks, etc. Delta-8 can be a savior in such cases. Given below are some of the problems that delta-8 capsules can cure while traveling on a flight.

1.    Nausea issues

Feeling nausea while on a plane or after getting down from it is a familiar feeling. Due to its antiemetic properties, delta-8 capsules can be good medicine for treating nausea. It does not have any side effects on the body, and we are not just claiming it; a study was conducted in 1995 involving cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. They suffered from nausea, and delta-8 showed 100% success in curbing their nausea over 480 treatments without any side effects. Now, that is a shocking success rate!

2.    Anxiety issues

Admit it or not, people get a bit anxious when traveling to a new place. Some people manage it well while others do not. As an anxiolytic, delta-8 suppresses the uneasy feeling and creates a wave of relaxation in the body. Since it binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors, it persuades the body to relax and balance anxiety or pain. There is not much research about delta-8 in treating anxiety, but the U.S. National Library of Medicine found that delta-8 had a similar caliber as delta-9 in treating anxiety issues.

3.    Pain and muscle aches

Pain is of different kinds and different intensities. If you have had a 12-hour long flight, you are to experience some pain or muscle aches. As an analgesic, delta-8 helps to relieve some pain. A study published in “Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research” in 2018 showed reduced pain and inflammation in a rodent’s corneal injury. It also regulates the levels of serotonin, glutamate, and dopamine.

4.    Loss of appetite

You will find yourself losing appetite when landing or taking off. Not everyone experiences this, but most people do. Researchers think that delta-8 can be twice as potent as delta-9 THC. Marijuana is known for stimulating appetite. Delta-8 can not only stimulate appetite but can also aid nutrient absorption. A small dose can remarkably affect appetite. Research published in “Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior” showed that a small amount of delta-8 over 50 days increased the food intake of mice by 22% in a controlled environment.

5.    Relaxing

First-time solo travels or first-time flight experiences can overwhelm you. As mentioned earlier, delta-8 can help in managing anxiety. However, it can also help you to relax. Isn’t it ironic that a drug that can make you high can also help you relax? It treats you in the same way as THC without being psychoactive like THC.

One other kind of benefit which delta-8 provides is improving brain health. It regulates calcium and potassium levels in the Central Nervous System, thereby promoting good brain health. In addition, it improvises neuron generation and growth, which eventually leads to better brain health. Other than beneficial purposes, if you want to have some fun, you can opt for delta-8 capsules. It will not cause you THC high but will provide you with a pleasant and recreational experience. Of course, there can be side effects like fogginess or exhaustion, so watch out for those.

If you do not like taking capsules, there are other ways to take Delta-8 in your system – oils, tinctures, or even gummies. The possible health benefits of delta-8 make it a great option to carry it anywhere, provided it is legal in the particular state. You should know the source from where you obtain the delta-8 capsules.

When talking about packing delta-8 gel capsules for flights, whether it is safe to carry or not often arises. The answer is usually yes! If you are taking it from the area where delta-8 is legal to another place where it is legal, it is safe; unless the airline specifically prohibits it. You can pack the capsules like you pack your regular medicines and leave them there.

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