April 22, 2024
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Annapolis Cracking Down on Trash Rules Beginning June 18th

City Hall

City HallThe City of Annapolis Department of Public Works will begin enforcement of curbside (household) collections to ensure proper storage of refuse before, during and after collection times. Enforcement will consist of leaving the trash at the curb and requiring residents to correct the problem in order for the garbage to be collected curbside on the next collection day.

“We are getting increasing numbers of residents not properly storing their household trash, which can be a source of food and a home for rodents and insects and can result in a health nuisance,” said DPW Director Michael Johnson. “This enforcement effort will remind residents of their responsibility when it comes to curbside collections.”

The Annapolis City Code requires each owner and occupant of a City property to provide a sufficient number of containers for the storage and disposal of trash between and during times of trash collection service.

Approved containers should be leak-proof and have a tight-fitting lid. The container should have functional handles and be clearly marked with (minimum) three-inch high numbers indicating the address for which the refuse is being collected. Trash should be placed in a plastic bag with all openings securely closed, then placed in the container and secured with the lid.

Avoid leaving plastic trash bags alongside the bin (or standing alone) for collection. Plastic bags are subject to breakage by birds, dogs, cats, rodents, raccoons and foxes. Instead, put the plastic bag in the refuse container.  Please do NOT put plastic bags or film plastics in with recycling.

Bulk pickup and yard waste guidelines remain the same.

Residents who do not put refuse inside the container will find their garbage tagged and left curbside. Residents must correct the problem and place the container at the curb for pickup on the next collection day.

While not specifically mentioned, the City does have a fine schedule for violations of the refuse policy amounting to $100 per day.

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