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6 Reasons You Should Put Your Money on the Ravens Football Team

The Ravens are known for their skillfulness and brilliance, they illustrate class and present resilience in every game played. Their diligence required their appearance both in the AFC Central/North and has won two Super Bowls championships in franchise history. Presently, they remain one of the only two teams to go undefeated in multiple Super Bowls. Their prowess became undeniable in the 2000 and 2012 seasons when they defeated the New York Giants 34-7 in the Super Bowl XXXV championship and the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in the Super Bowl XLVII championship.

The 2003 season began a new era for the team. The Ravens consistently ranked among the top 3 teams of the league, except for the 2007 season, where the team finished 4th on the log. It means the Ravens football team has been consistent and reliable in recent times. Specifically, they have finished the season in either the 1st or 2nd position for five consecutive seasons. Where else do you want to put your money, if not in a team like this? They are strong, united, and unbeatable. You should see their matches next season and also put your money where the win is secured.


Achievements and Major Records

The Ravens have won major games in recent years and have also proven to have the best records. Aside from playing in the American Football Conference’s Central Division (1996-2001), the team has also played in the AFC North since 2002. Below are their most notable achievements:

  • Winner of two league championships
  • The only team to qualify for the national league (13 times) since their appearance in the year 2000
  • They have won the super bowl championships title; the XXXV in 2000 and the XLVII in 2012
  • The Ravens football team is one of the most successful franchise since inception, with a fantastic record of 241-185-1
  • The team has also won 6 division championships and two conference championships.
  • Baltimore Ravens have won 241 of their matches in the all-time regular and postseason with 185 losses and a tie in the entire season.
  • The team boasts of 3,267 pass completions in a regular-season
  • Ravens have won 225 of the 400 matches played last season, resulting in team performance of 0.563% victory of games played.

Reasons to Place a Bet on the Ravens

The Ravens won most of their games, leading to achieving a 14-2 regular-season record. They started the playoffs as the No.1 and were also the presumptive favorites to win the Super Bowl LIV. Presently, the Ravens are the major favorites to be the division champion, which puts them ahead of the Browns (+600), Bengals (+2000), and the Steelers (+350). Here are six reasons you should put your money on the Ravens:

  1. Best Odds: Baltimore Ravens have the second-best highest odds in the entire National Football league. The team has high odds of about +650 to win the franchise’s third title on betting sites that accept PayPal. This means last season’s performance has not impacted the bookies’ opinion of them.
  2. Wins: The team has a current 66.7 win percentage, which makes their chances of winning games better than most. However, statistically, the team has remained in the top 3 positions for the past seasons with a good winning streak. Home and away switches may affect many teams but the Ravens are slightly immune to that.
  3. Favorites: To be honest, last season’s runner-up is always one of the favorites to win the championship in the coming season. Ideally, everyone deems it safe to wager funds where there is safety and assurance of good returns, and this is one of the records of the Ravens team. They have proven reliable and consistent, making them an interesting choice for punters this season. If you don’t stake for the favorite, then you already lost your bets!
  4. Championships: The records are always the major pointer of where to put your money, and the Ravens team possesses excellent records. Interestingly, they won the titles consecutively in 2018 and 2019. Before this time, they also performed similarly in the 2011 and 2012 seasons, exactly Ten years ago. Therefore, this upcoming season seems like another time to get two consecutive titles again.
  5. Net Worth: The team is financially buoyant and still has enough to spend to ensure they get the right players in various positions and compete with their rivals in the upcoming season. The Ravens team is presently worth $2.75 Billion. One of the wealthiest teams in the National Football League. An excellent factor for placing bets should be on the quality of the players in a team, and with this enormous net worth, the Ravens have what it takes to get the best players!
  6. Team Prowess: A team with quality players is bound to offer entertainment and skill. The records have also shown that the team had a 0.564 winning percentage of games played last season. It explains the team’s quality and reliability, irrespective of their opponents or the host stadium. The Ravens are undoubtedly one of the best teams in the entire league, and they have good players. In addition, there is in-depth quality and strength to maintain their lead for a complete season. 

Teams like the Ravens are exceptional. Aside from the fact that the team is financially buoyant, they are also resilient and dogged every season. They are always willing and ready to fight for the championship. Experienced bettors don’t wager money on a team with no assurances, but there is a winning propensity in every bet with the Ravens.

Knowledge is power, particularly at betting. Armed with this information, you’re able to make better betting choices. Subscribe here for a fantastic betting experience.

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