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How To Get Started With Succulents

Succulents are beautiful. Yes, that is why they are so trendy now. They are small, cute, and they give the environment a sudden bright beauty. Anyone would want succulents in their home. If you are currently reading this piece, it means you are thinking of adding these beauties to your home.

First, you are making a great decision. Second, succulents, while they seem like other flowers, their process is a little different from what you are used to.

Succulents can survive in any condition with the right care, and they are so easy to care for. Easy, however, does not mean there is no method to this. Here are steps on how you can get started with succulents

Pick the right container

Succulents like to stay dry, so a container with good enough drainage holes will be just fine.

Get the right soil

The right soil should be well-draining, enough to keep the succulent dry. Use half sand, half soil for better effects. Adding pebbles to your pot can make your drainage system better. Your succulents will fare better when they are kept in a pot with a great drainage system.

Re-pot as soon as they come

People who sell succulents usually use a generic pot for their plants. Chances are, you already have a pot in mind when you were thinking of succulents. The moment your succulents come, do not waste time in choosing the best pot for your succulents; immediately re-pot and water. If you have to add pebbles at that point, in case they did not come with pebbles, do that. Sometimes, when succulents are planted, there is no long-term plan in view; it is for sale. In cases like these, they need to spread and properly grow, especially if they are large plants. This is another reason why you immediately need to re-pot when it comes.

Go for the healthy ones

When picking out succulents, carefully look at those that look healthy. Look out for the ones with great shapes, bright colors, and healthy foliage. Look carefully into the plants, all the way to the roots. If you look only at what you can see on the surface, you can miss insect damage. If there is insect damage, chances are other insects are hiding somewhere. Slightly bump the leaves and see if they fall off. Examine the entire plant carefully; use a torch if needed. If it does not look healthy, don’t take it home.

Be careful with the watering

Watering succulents require a specific method. When a succulent looks soggy, it has taken in a lot of water, more than is required. When it is puckering, it means it’s not getting a lot of water. When watering your succulents, you have to make sure that all the excess water is drained out. If the water does not get drained out, it gets soggy. When the top of the soil feels dry, put water, but make sure the water that stays is needed. No more, no less.

Give them light

Just like any other plant out there, succulents obey and live by the laws of photosynthesis. You need to keep your succulents where they can get at least 6 hours of sunlight. More than giving the plant what it needs, the sunlight helps the succulent eliminate extra water.


Just like a lot of plants, your succulents need fertilizers to grow. While they can very much do that on their own, you can help them look better. Think of fertilizers as adding makeup to an already gorgeous woman. She looks beautiful already, but she could be better. Your succulents already look great, but they could look greater.

Clean around the pot and prune accordingly

For your succulents to look as beautiful as you see them in magazines, the dead parts have no business there. As plants grow, some will die, and they will fall. When this happens, you need to get the decayed parts out of the way so that the beautiful ones can thrive.

As easy as succulents are to grow, those little things can be very tricky. If you do not do the right things, your succulents could die off. These basics aforementioned are there to make sure that you start your succulent journey on a good note. The least easy thing to do on the aforementioned list is watering. However, once you crack it once, you are good. You deserve to have cute and beautiful plant babies, and following these steps will make sure you start well and blossom well into your succulent journey.

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