October 3, 2023
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Guest Column: Anchors Aweigh! Why I’m Running for County Executive

I’m running for Anne Arundel County Executive because I love this county, and the people who live here; I can’t bear to watch it systematically destroyed by either an incompetent ideologue, or a political machine with its own selfish agenda. We can do better, and I’ll do a better job for you than anyone else. Let me tell you why.

I chose not to run for re-election, and retired from public service in 2018. For over 35 years, I had served as a navy pilot, community leader, alderman, and state delegate. I had done my duty to protect our constitution, freedom, and quality of life. I was tired of politics in general, and machine politicians in particular. I was ready to relax, enjoy my career as an airline captain, and spend more time with family, friends, and loved ones in a county that, in 2018, actually was the best place for all. Life was good; and county government, while not perfect, worked.

That is no longer true, and it is a truth that cannot be painted-over or ignored. We must confront the reality that in the present crisis, county government is not the solution to our problems; county government, specifically our County Executive, is the problem. Within my own Republican party, machine politicians beholding to special interests aren’t part of the solution either; they’re also part of the problem. During this crisis, where have they been? What have they done? What leadership have they offered?

They have not led. I have, and I will. The same oath I took as a Naval Academy Midshipman binds me to this duty, this obligation to answer the call of my fellow citizens and serve as their County Executive.

Some might suggest that our County is simply another victim of Covid-19. But our county’s suffering and decline under the progressively-regressive  agenda of Steuart Pittman cannot be blamed on a disease; for while the disease is bad, the so-called “cures” our County executive has dictated are worse. Pittman’s unscientific “cures” have unnecessarily harmed our children, workers, and small business owners; and his progressively-regressive policies threaten economic recovery.

Our children have suffered the most. Pittman’s administration disregarded CDC and state medical guidelines, as well as data from school districts across the U.S. and Europe, that showed reopening schools was safe. It kept our 80,000 public school students locked down, even as 16,200 private/religious school students and teachers went back to their classrooms in September. These students and teachers safely continued classes even as Covid-19 cases peaked in January, with minimal cases, no hospitalizations, no deaths—and no vaccines. Anne Arundel private/religious schools followed the science and delivered in-classroom education to their students. Pittman followed the political science of the teacher’s union instead, and public school children lost a year of class. Pittman’s unscientific cure was worse than the disease.

Our workers and small business owners have suffered. Until this January, Pittman has always been more restrictive on restaurants, businesses, and churches than Governor Hogan. Judge Bill Mulford labeled Pittman’s December executive order shutting down indoor and outdoor dining, “arbitrary and capricious.” Had it not been challenged in court, It would’ve cost 65,000 jobs and destroyed thousands of businesses. Mulford pointed out it was based on, “completely flawed data that did not play out in reality.” Governor Hogan’s restrictions were balanced and followed medical science; Pittman’s followed the political science of his fellow Democratic County Executives. Once again, Pittman’s unscientific and unbalanced cure was worse than the disease.

With our county reeling from his excessive lockdown policies, Pittman’s regressive- progressive economic recovery program can be summed up in two words: raise taxes.

We’ve seen the damage an inexperienced, socialist ideologue beholden to special interests can do; an inexperienced, Republican machine politician beholden to special interests will be little better. As an Annapolis Alderman, President of the Maryland Taxpayers Association, and three term state delegate, my record offers the better choice. I cut property taxes as an alderman, and fought higher taxes, wasteful spending, subsidies, and corporate welfare as a delegate. I served as Vice-Chairman of the Anne Arundel County Delegation, and as Chairman of its Capital Projects/Bond Bill Subcommittee, directed the selection of funding for Capital Projects throughout the county. And I did this as a Republican, in a gerrymandered Democratic district, because I can communicate our fiscally conservative values, and put people above politics.

I’m the electable, fiscally conservative Republican you can trust, with the independence and experience to lead us back to normalcy and prosperity.

It’s anchors aweigh, and full steam ahead. I’m running for Anne Arundel County Executive, and I’m asking for your support.

Herb McMillan may be contacted at www.herbmcmillan.com or [email protected]

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