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Fishing Tips: What Are the Most Effective Baits to Easily Catch Fish

| April 05, 2021, 06:15 PM

Fishing is among the oldest outdoor activities that have been embraced by people the world over. It is exciting when you think of spending your day in the waters trying to take a big catch home. To onlookers, it appears a simple task but in reality, it can be challenging. Some of us have gone into the waters and came out empty-handed. This can be a bit frustrating, especially if it occurs multiple times. However, it becomes easy when you have the right skills, gear, and accessories.

Having the right bait plays a huge role in your expedition. Choosing the right bait requires an understanding of the fish you want to catch and their location. Also, if you want success, the bait should be the preferred food for the fish so you can lure them easily. Let us have a look at some of the most effective baits to catch fish.

1. Use Live Bait/Fish

Probably, you are wondering why you would catch a fish just to turn around and use it as bait. Well, the answer is that some big fish prefer having other fish for dinner. If you take a look at some of the edible fish highlighted on the guides with Fishmasters, you will notice that freshwater fishing is different from saltwater fishing. This applies to the type of fish you can get from other fishing methods as well. This is basically because different types of fish live and survive in different environments.

Nonetheless, using fish as bait means that it will attract the big ones that prey on them. Examples of fish baits for saltwater fishing include anchovies and smelt. Minnows, on the other hand, are suitable for freshwater fishing. They are highly populated due to their high breeding rate, meaning that little harm is done when using them as bait. However, remember that fish uses scents to search for food and will avoid dead prey. It is vital to keep your bait alive or at least fresh. Mastering this approach can make you the most skilled angler out there.

2. Worms

These are the oldest fishing baits that most people use. Growing up, when I got to see a worm, my mind would think of fishing. The main types used include sandworms or bloodworms. Bloodworms are difficult to find as they are found at the bottom of marine waters. Sandworms are easier to get. You can find them on sand or at bait and tackle shops. The advantage of worms is that you do not require a big tackle box. Despite the type you are using, remember to position it well for effective fishing.

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3. Use of Artificial Baits

A while back, fishing required a lot of preparation especially on finding bait. Luckily, we live in an era where tasks are getting simplified. You do not have to dig up your backyard in search of worms. Enjoying the numerous benefits of fishing has been made easier these days, thanks to the availability of artificial baits in the stores. You can do your grocery shopping and still get bait without breaking a sweat. The artificial bait is a replica of the various types of baits normally used. The options have an appearance and sometimes smell like live bait. This lures the fish in a similar way live bait would do. Therefore, for your next fishing day, you can stock up with as many bait options as you can afford.

4. Dough Balls

This type of bait is commonly used for freshwater fishing. They are commercially prepared and are sold in cans. However, if you have cornmeal, flour, and water, you can prepare your own. The dough is wound up around the hook to easily lure the fish. The dough ball is marked according to the fish they attract. If you are aware of the type of fish you want to catch, it is easier to select the perfect dough.

5. Homemade Bait

Ever wanted to go fishing but don’t have the time or money to purchase bait? Worry not, as long as you have some groceries in the house you are set to go. It may look hilarious but some of the supplies in your kitchen can be used as bait and effectively attract fish. Some of these can be liver, dog food, chicken marshmallow, bacon, and many others. These delicacies have been tried by fishermen from various areas in their fishing escapades. As stated earlier, the key thing is to know the scent your target fish like most. Though the success rate of this bait cannot be quantified, it is better than none. So don’t miss out on fishing with the excuse of not having bait.

There are many other types of bait used such as cut baits, insects, shrimp, and shellfish. All these depend on the type of water and fish you wish to catch. It is important to remember that to lure a fish you have to present something it likes. For this, any angler should keep in mind that scent and shape are vital when selecting bait.

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