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Easy Tips That Will Sober You Up After An Intense Drinking Session

| April 28, 2021, 06:00 PM

An unexpected drinking binge can happen to anyone, but you must be prepared when it does. Often during moments of vulnerability, we end up having just “a little too much” …it happens! But, what if after that strong indulging cocktail, you need to sober up fast? People often disregard this as an urgent issue to address and usually end up driving drunk.

Unfortunately, according to an estimate of highway fatalities, about 29% of people die daily because of drunk-driving accidents. This means that every 50 minutes, someone is dying because of a drunk-driving instance that could have been avoided by following certain precautions.

So, how should you handle this situation?

Naturally, if you do a quick Google search you would come across various thrifty recipes to handle this problem. Unfortunately, very few would show results because it is nearly impossible to sober up in a “jiffy”.

Here are a few tips and tricks that could be helpful to keep you safe.

Tip # 1: Get to Know Your Drink

You should get to know your drink, literally! The more facts you have about alcoholic beverages, the better you’d be able to manage a binge. When you consume alcohol, it gets absorbed into the bloodstream quickly. Based on the alcoholic content, the drinks vary in the absorption time. Fast absorbing drinks are usually the strongest. You should also familiarize yourself with the alcohol concentration in a drink. For example, beer has about 5% alcohol, wine up to 15%, and hard liquor would have as much as 45%. If you have to drive home or need to stay sober, then you must select your alcoholic drink accordingly.

Tip # 2: Time is the biggest healer

As always, the significance of time stands true in this situation as well. If there is one thing that sobers you up, it is time. The alcohol concentration in the bloodstream gradually declines. The alcohol in the drink itself usually takes effect within ten minutes, but you would feel the peak after about 40 minutes. If you have had a shot or a glass of wine or a beer, it takes about 60 minutes for your liver to break it down and get you going in a sobered-up manner. Your weight and whether you have had food would also count towards how strong the hangover would be. If you aren’t giving your liver enough time to digest after a drinking binge…you’re going to end up feeling very drunk.

Tip # 3: Stay Hydrated and Take a Nap

If there is one thing that is most important in dealing with the after-effects of a drinking binge, it is a night of good sleep. If you don’t, it could get you into a world of trouble. According to a drunk driving accident lawyer in Detroit, driving under the influence and without a sufficient amount of sleep can cause serious accidents due to the inability to focus.  It is particularly important to stay hydrated by drinking water often because your body is going to experience dehydrating symptoms due to alcohol intoxication. So, have a glass of water before you take a nap and keep drinking “water” whenever you wake up. A good night’s sleep is the magic pill that can sober you up by giving your liver enough time to deal with the alcoholic content in your body.

Tip # 4: Slow Down & Have Some Carbs

Instead of taking steps “after”, you should stay in a preventative mode throughout. Consuming carbohydrates after a drinking session, to reduce the intoxicating effects of alcohol has been a popular tip. However, you should always have some before bingeing on alcohol. Another useful strategy is to take it ‘down a notch’. Slow down! After every sip, put the glass down and look around, it helps to savor the environment and helps you to drink in a controlled manner.

Tip # 5: For the “next” Morning

Hangovers are terrible. The good news is that your hangover will disappear within a day. You can go for gulping down some raw eggs, but your best bet is getting more rest and sleeping again. Have some bland foods (like crackers or toast) and sports drinks (enriched with minerals and vitamins). Caffeine would also come in handy, so go for a cup of steaming coffee.

These tips should not only help with the post-binge drinking session but would set a standard for cautious drinking sessions. Whether you agree or not, it is always a good idea to not be out on the road while your body is still dealing with the alcoholic intake you have had that day. Give yourself enough time to sober up instead of rushing into things. Staying safe and keeping others unharmed is what matters most.

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