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6 Tips To Help You Get Over The Fear Of Driving

Getting a driver’s license can be exciting. However, the thought of getting out on the road can be pretty nerve-racking for some, especially if you are not comfortable behind the wheel. When getting your license you are not allowed to be driving without another fully licensed driver in the vehicle, which gives you the chance to actually get accustomed to driving knowing that you have someone there if anything were to happen. This can cause you to become anxious and nervous, and instead of enjoying driving your car you end up being afraid of doing so.

Have Someone with You

If you find that you are nervous when driving, it could be that you aren’t nervous about the actual driving, but rather about driving when you are alone. After you are fully licensed, for the first few weeks, or even months, if you are still uncomfortable driving, try to take short trips with someone else in the car. This person does not necessarily have to have their license. Drive with someone who keeps you comfortable and relaxed. Once you are more comfortable driving, start taking short trips by yourself. Soon you will find you’ve gotten over your fear, and won’t need someone with you whenever you drive.

Take a Driver’s Training Course

One of the main reasons people are afraid to drive is because they are new to it. There is no shame in being unsure of their driving skills, but don’t let this hold you back. This is one of many reasons you should take a driver’s training course above and beyond what is required by Maryland law. Some schools use virtual reality as a tool to build confidence.

These courses teach people most of the things they need to know to be good drivers and allow you to get actual driving time so that you get to experience being behind the wheel with the help of a professional instructor beside you. Once you’ve had training, you should find that you have fewer fears than before. Knowing that you are prepared for every situation that could arise when you are on the roads is quite comforting.

Stick to Daytime Driving at First

If you are a nervous driver it’s a good idea to avoid driving at night. You have more to worry about as there is less visibility. Once you’re over your fears during the daytime conquer your fear of night driving.

Listen To Music or Audio Books end driving anxiety

When you are being taught to drive you are usually told that that music is a big distraction, and should be avoided, so the stereo should be off when you are driving. This is not entirely true. Yes, music can be a distraction, but only if you are letting it distract you.

Listen to audiobooks that are aimed at helping you end driving anxiety. Listening to something at a low volume, music, talking on the radio, or an audiobook can help keep you relaxed while you are driving.

Learn To Love Highway Driving

You might find that even if they are not afraid of driving on the road, you are terrified of highways. It can be scary as a new driver, but it’s an important fear to conquer. Start out by driving on lesser-used highways. Choose smaller highways at less busy times. Slowly venture out onto the busier ones. This is a great way to ease into this.

Get Right Back on That Horse

You’ve probably heard the saying “if you fall off a horse, get right back on it.” After being in an accident a lot of people say they are terrified of getting back behind the wheel and driving again. Don’t let your anxiety cripple you. Stay in practice. You never know when an emergency might arise and you are going to have to drive somewhere in an emergency.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to get over your fears. The sooner you get back behind the wheel, the sooner you will get over your fears and enjoy driving.

Any fear takes time to work through, but they are all conquerable. A fear of driving is something that will take a fair amount of work to overcome. For some, it is as simple as getting more experience behind the wheel. While for others, the fear can become so bad that you might need to get counselling to really get to the root of the problem and learn how to deal with it. Driving is something that you can really enjoy doing. It offers you freedom and should not be something to fear.


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