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Your Guide to Choosing the Right Gold Chain Necklace

Among the many pieces of jewelry, the most common item that many people wear is a gold chain. Gold chains come in various lengths and styles, and even if they look simple and straightforward, it can be challenging to choose the right one.

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Here are some important factors to remember when you want to purchase a chain necklace.

1.  Type/style of chain necklace

Gold chains offer you several options:

  • Ball or bead chain. It is made of small round beads that may be linked closely or separated by a miniscule distance from one another.
  • Box chain. It comes with square or box links, which you can wear with a pendant.
  • Cable chain. It is the simplest yet elegant type of chain necklace for both men and women. The interlocked ovals are uniform and identical. It is suitable for a gold chain with name
  • The design came from Italy. The flattened links are in alternating pattern of varied sizes, usually two or three short links separated by a longer flat link.
  • Mariner or anchor chain. It is another flat chain necklace with interlocking ovals with a bar at the center of the individual ovals. The anchor chain comes in various widths.
  • Rope chain. it sports an intricate design that is similar to an actual rope, and can look good worn as is or with a pendant.
  • Snake chain. The small rings, either bands or plates are placed very close to each other to form a continuous appearance like a flat tube to resemble a snake’s skin.
  • Wheat or spiga chain. It is created with delicate woven strands of twisted oval links delicately woven close together, forming a soft-looking braid that looks good on its own or with a pendant
  • Singapore chain. It is a classic design that looks delicate and beautiful. It is made of chain links that are braided and twisted together that makes the necklace strong and beautiful.

2.  Know the strength of the chain

The strongest are anchor, Figaro, and cable because the links are individually soldered and can be made thicker to withstand knotting, folding, twisting, or bending.

3.  Choose between hollow or solid gold chains

Solid gold chains can come in 10K, 14K, 18K, or 24K gold. Gold filled means the gold is bonded to another metal, while gold plated means the chain is made from another metal which is dipped in gold to coat the metal’s surface.

Hollow gold chains are still made from gold but the quantity of gold used is lesser.

4.  Thickness of the chain

Choose the right thickness for the purpose you have in mind. If you will hang a pendant, choose a thicker chain. If your hair is thick and long, consider buying a medium to thick chain necklace to avoid tangles.

5.  Length of the chain

For daily wear, choose shorter chains, preferably in 14 to 16 inches. Choose a longer length, from 18 to 22 inches if you want to wear the chain to a party or an outdoor event.

Always buy gold chain necklaces from a reputable vendor who will offer you a wide range of choices to fit your budget and requirements.

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