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What You Should Know About Internet Lawyers

| March 16, 2021, 08:03 AM

The rise of the Internet, and in particular the enormous popularity of social media, has really changed the face of our society. Living so much of our lives online means that there are issues with privacy and information sharing which didn’t exist in the times before the Internet and social media. Recognizing the importance of the Internet is vital in understanding why Internet law is now so important. It has taken a while for serious online laws to start being introduced and enforced, but there are now serious rules and regulations which all internet users must abide by. When these laws are broken, the role of internet lawyers is to help bring clarity and justice to the situation.

To help everyone understand more about what these specialist legal experts do, here is what you should know about internet lawyers.

1. They Protect Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property (IP) infringement is one of the most common violations of internet law which occurs. The IP of a company or individual’s website or social media could include trademarks, domains, copyrights and designs. The folks at revisionlegal.com/services/internet-lawyer/ explain that an internet lawyer will represent the owners of the IP and take action against anyone who has infringed upon their rights. IP rights can be a very complex subject so the best internet lawyers need a lot of experience in this field to do the job well. Illegal downloads and content theft has been a major subject of debate for years and how strictly laws can be enforced in the future has yet to be seen.

2. They Settle Domain Disputes

Domain disputes are another very common area of law which internet lawyers help to resolve. These disputes often arise due to a lack of understanding on the part of website owners. The majority of people these days will want a domain which ends in .org or .com as these are the most popular and reputable domains. There have been many cases where someone else has registered that domain name, however, and then tries to charge the business an exorbitant amount to purchase it from them.

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3. To Monitor and Settle Data Collection Issues

Data collection has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in recent years. Massive internet companies like Google and Facebook have been under the spotlight with the world starting to realize how much of their information was being collected and used without their knowledge. On a far smaller scale, almost every website collects visitors’ data to some extent. Internet lawyers can ensure that data is not being collected or used illegally or they can represent the website owners who are being accused of doing this. This may involve redrafting website policies to make data collection policies more transparent or dealing with data breaches and their legal fallout.

4. Solving Data Retention Disputes

Once data has been collected through a website, there are various reasons why businesses retain and store this data. This may be due to government regulation or to retrieve some important information from the data. Many businesses and websites will implement systems to make sure that the data is retained according to regulations and is deleted properly when it needs to be. Internet lawyers can help website owners understand the regulations and timeframes and can also represent the other side and hold websites to account for illegal data retention.

5. To Fight Defamation and Libel Cases

Social media has many fantastic uses but unfortunately, it can also have a dark side. Many people now use social media as a platform to air their grievances and attack other people. We have all seen these kinds of posts but they are not usually illegal. Where this is different is when these attacks rise to the levels of defamation or libel. Defamation means spreading false information about someone which can seriously degrade them publicly. Libel is essentially just the written form of defamation. It is only in recent years when people have started to be held accountable for the things they post on social media and so internet lawyers are becoming particularly important.

The growth of the Internet has created a whole new world of legal issues. While there are so many positive things that the Internet can bring to our lives, it is important that there are laws to protect everyone online. The role of internet lawyers in sculpting laws and regulations, and ensuring that they are followed, is only set to become more and more crucial in the future.

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