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Useful Tips To Choose The Right Personal Attorney For You

Sometimes in life, we need to retain an attorney. It could be for a personal injury claim, it could be for a work dispute or even a family matter. Whichever it is, it can be challenging for those of us who aren’t legal experts to know which lawyer to choose and trust with our case. With so many lawyers and legal firms in every town and so much legal jargon to get our heads around, it can be quite a scary world to enter. Here are some handy tips to help you choose the right personal attorney for you.

Looking For A Lawyer

So, you know you need a lawyer, but where do you look? The first – and potentially easiest – place to look is the internet. Searching for a lawyer in your town or neighbourhood is as simple as typing a few words into a search engine. You could also search through a local business directory, ask friends and family, or reach out to colleagues who may have needed legal services in the past. Basically put, finding a law firm isn’t the hard part, so let’s find out how you know which is the right lawyer for you.

Free Consultations

The first thing to do is look for attorneys or firms that offer free consultations. Gareth, an attorney from www.kentuckycourage.com told us that “Firms that offer a free consultation show that they are willing to hear your story and assess your situation without charging you any money upfront.” This shows that a firm is trustworthy and fair with their time.

It also gives you a chance to sit down with a lawyer and assess them. It’s just as important that you think the lawyer is the right person for you, as them thinking you are the right client for them. So this first meeting is essential and shouldn’t cost you a penny.

Check Out Reviews

If you hadn’t already by this point, it’s definitely important to have a look at the law firm or individual attorney’s reviews. Check out an array of review sites including Google, Trustpilot, and any local review sites your area may have. The more sites you browse, the more accurate picture you’ll be able to piece together. Some people have fake reviews added to sites, so try and find as many impartial reviews as you can. Disregard the amazing five-star ones that have no text, and dig into the deeper reviews. Reviews that name attorneys, describe their experiences, and tell a full story are more likely to be true than those with no text.

It can also be worth reaching out to reviewers for their real opinions. Have a chat with anyone you can find who has previously used these particular attorneys. That way you can ask questions about them, their experience, and any specific details you’d like to know.

The Firm & The Experience

At this point, you might be starting to form quite a good idea about which lawyers might be suitable for you. Having met with one or two, checked out reviews and assessed their personality, it is now time to check out the firm and their experience. Some questions need to be asked such as, have they worked on many cases like yours? Do they know enough about this area of law? Are they experienced enough to take on my case? You can ask these questions of both the individual attorney and the firm itself, as the attorney will be backed by his superiors at the firm, so all their relevant experience is important.

How Much Do They Cost?

The big question, after all this checking and querying, is ‘how much do they cost?’ Depending on the type of case you have, some lawyers will charge nothing upfront and only take a percentage of your settlement or judgement. Others may charge you an hourly fee or retainer fee. There is much to consider here. Can you afford the hourly or retainer fee if your case runs for weeks or months, for example? Remember, more expensive doesn’t always mean a better lawyer.

These points are key when it comes to analyzing different attorneys and law firms, getting to know them, and finding out who might work best for you. Whatever your case, we hope you find a suitable lawyer who can help you win your case and settle your legal disputes. Good luck on the hunt for the strongest attorney for you.

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