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Making Your Business Famous: Tools and Strategies

| March 13, 2021, 08:06 AM

How do you make your business famous? There are several tools and strategies you can use to increase your business popularity. With more competition,  better products, better service, and picky clients, you need to be at the top of your game. You need to adopt proper tools and strategies to make your business popular, sell your products and make profits.

We will discuss some viable strategies and tools you can use to lift up your business. Some of these strategies will give immediate results, while others will make your business grow over time.  What exactly are these tools and strategies? Check out the list below.

1.   Social Media Advertising

Does your business have a social media account? Do you actively engage with your audiences online? Many businesses, tiny and large, use social media sites for marketing their products. It’s among the most inexpensive and most engaging ways to interact with your clients and make your business popular. With Facebook advertising, you can target the audience according to their age, gender, current location, online characteristics, etc. You can create free and sponsored ads to advertise your business in your locality and beyond to make it popular.

Why Social media ads? According to research done recently, most traffic is now on social media sites. You will find teens, adults, and seniors all having accounts either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other popular social media sites. These social media sites will enable you to target the right clients with your ads.

2.   Press Release

You have probably seen major companies’ press releases in significant media outlets announcing new products or trying to solve their clients’ issues. They don’t do this because they have a budget for doing so. Most companies partner with media outlets to make press releases to inform the public of timely information and increase their popularity. You can do so for your business and capture the public’s attention towards your business. As seen on, there are many ways you can get the media’s attention and make a press release. You only need to find a suitable agent who will guide you through reaching the right media for your press releases.

Having a press release that only goes to a few media companies can be a waste. That’s why it’s essential to employ tried and true means to get media to cover your content.

3.   Speak at Events

You have seen company representatives standing up and speaking on behalf of their companies during events. This idea enables the companies to promote themselves to the public. While most events usually hire accomplished company representatives and influencers to speak, you can work with the organizers and have slots to address the attendants and promote your company. Ensure you say something that will create an interest to the audience.

Besides public gatherings, you can use other marketing channels to speak to meetings in local clubs, business networking groups, special interest clubs, and big companies with a vast number of employees. You can also extend the same marketing opportunity to schools, churches, and other significant organizations in your area.

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4.   Conduct Webinars

If you are still skeptical about online advertising, online advertising channels grow faster due to the growing demand. One of the fastest-growing media after the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic is webinars. Webinars are like regular seminars, but you interact with your audience online. You can use the same to make your business popular, especially to distant audiences. How are webinars run? You will require webinar software, an audience, and a planned date for the webinar.

In most cases, webinars are a result of email marketing. You send emails to potential clients and ask them to register for your webinars, which you will use to promote your business and its products. What’s the difference between webinars and sending videos? Webinars are engaging forms of marketing. You can talk to your audience and hear them back. In doing so, you will have meaningful exchanges that will help grow your business’s popularity.

5.   Email Marketing

Email marketing has been in use since email was invented to market businesses and their products to target audiences. It is regarded as the cornerstone of digital marketing, and it’s still a better way you can use to make your business popular. If you target online clients, you can get their emails and contacts and target them directly by sending them promotional emails. You only need to capture their emails on your website and start sending them periodic emails to boost your popularity. Experts regard this as an interactive way of generating leads that convert into sales.

How do you start email marketing? First, you need to create a lead magnet where clients will share their emails and other details. Some of the lead magnets include free trials, free subscriptions, site membership, coupons, etc. After getting these emails, you can start sending marketing emails to engage and lure the audience into your business. All this needs to be done in a professional way to avoid scamming potential clients. Email marketing benefits include lower promotional costs and ease to automate.

6.   Coupon Deal Sites

If selling products or services, you can use coupon websites to popularize your business quickly. Why coupon deal sites? These sites have considerable traffic you can target and will offer you an already segmented client base. You can target your business to local, regional, or even overseas clients to make your business popular. With these coupon deal sites, you are sure of gaining massive exposure, increased brand awareness, local advertising, and better, ready-to-buy clients.

The good thing about these coupon deal sites is that you only pay when you get your result. It acts like paid advertising where you pay per the service you got from the site.  These sites generally enable the business to attract clients by selling their products at discounts.

7.   Content Marketing

What is content marketing? This process involves creating and publishing focused content to the targeted audience to lift up your business. With content marketing, you can use blogs, videos, social media posts, and other content to push your business to a targeted audience. From statistics, a considerable percentage of companies proved that content marketing is an excellent way of popularizing businesses in the online market. This method provides adequate results, and it’s also cheaper in the long run. While the immediate results might be low, this marketing method’s future outcome can deliver sustainable growth in any business.

With content marketing, you need to optimize the content according to your business and its products. There are many aspects you need to incorporate to achieve the best from content marketing. These aspects include having high-quality content with relevant topics and optimized with SEO features.

8.   Google My Business

Have you ever found a business you needed badly after searching for it on Google? That’s how clients will find your business if you list it in Google business. Google business is among the most powerful, popular tools for businesses that want to attract local clients. For example, if running a café, you can list it with Google. This will make it much easier for clients to find your business and location when searching for ‘cafes near me.’

Google My Business enables your business to rank on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs), together with its location and other details you included while registering your business. It combines all the digital Google platforms for your business, including Google Reviews, Google+ Profile, Google Maps profile, and other details. It also enables your brand name to become visible to clients, thus increasing its popularity online.

9.   Offer Staff Incentives and Giveaways

Most clients know businesses through referrals. Despite advertising and other promotions playing a more significant role in making your business known, most people trust referrals over other methods when making their first purchase. The first people who can do referrals for your businesses are your staff. These individuals know your products in and out and understand who needs your service or products. Staff will even market your business to friends and families without asking for an extra coin.

The best way you can appreciate the staff and make them promote and popularize your business more is by offering them incentives and giveaways. These incentives don’t have to be monetary. You can offer other incentives like days off, publication subscriptions, holidays, and gift cards to treat themselves. The incentives you provide for your staff must match your business goals and should be goal-oriented. You should also give them the right materials to promote your business. When you do so, you are sure of getting more clients, who will then refer others, and in no time, your business will be popular.

10.   Join Local Business Groups

Joining local business groups has many advantages to your business. Besides interacting with other business owners and sharing business experiences, it helps to share products and advertises businesses among the partners. Business groups will enable you to share referrals, meet more people, and identify new opportunities for your business. Since these connections tend to multiply, you will make your business known through a large number of people by joining a single group.

Here, you can turn single connections into international connections with reputable companies who will carry your name with them. While most business group meetings are online, you can also meet one-on-one with one or two inspiring members and meet them personally to promote your business. Most businesses have had success through these platforms. You can also try the same strategy for your business.

11.  Partner with Other Businesses

It becomes challenging for lone businesses to have a breakthrough in the market. While you can use other promotional tools and strategies to grow your business, you will need others to succeed in the business world. Interacting with other businesses helps you get resources and referrals to grow your business even further. The best companies to help you popularize your business tend to be the larger companies in your area. Contact their representatives and make plans to grow your businesses together.

You only need to create a complimentary agreement that will see mutual benefit between the businesses. A good example is when a hairstylist offers complimentary haircut to a manicure salon, and the manicure salon returns the favor by manicuring the for the hairstylist. All these services will be free, but the main objective will be to popularize the businesses.

12. Provide a Free Consultation

This strategy best fits companies that offer professional services. Providing a free consulting service to your clients is one way of positioning yourself well in the market, making you earn business from the people taking your advice. Besides helping you market your brand, this will also generate leads that will see you making more sales than before. While most professional service providers do not like providing free information, fearing that clients will use the same to their advantage, providing a free consultation makes the audience trust your business more. It makes people buy from you and refer others when they are impressed with the free consultation.

You can do consultations physically, online, or through other communication channels regarding the most sought questions and ideas. This idea will make your business more popular and get new clients in return. Ensure you provide a proper, expert consultation that will add value to the audience.

There are many other tools and strategies you can consider in making your business famous. Above, are the main strategies that have produced excellent results for business owners who have tried them. You can use them singly or combine a few of them to make your business more popular. Some will give you instant results, while others will take some time to make your business famous. Whatever you pick, ensure you do it effectively and do not forget to keep growing and improving your services to clients for more effective results.

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