December 3, 2023
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Loud Women’s Club Podcast Launches for Women’s History Month

Platform Media LLC has announced the official release of The Loud Women’s Club podcast for Women’s History Month!

The Loud Women’s Club podcast is hosted by Melissa Huston, an Annapolis based, historical storyteller, the show is a celebration of the opinionated. Joined by three “loud women,” the group finds and supports their voices by discussing the timely issues of society, culture, and politics.

“Our podcast is 100% women hosted and produced. We are a diverse group including women of color, parents and non-parents, PhD scientists, and professionals. Kara has over 25 years of journalism experience in public radio and podcasts.” said Kara McGuirk-Allison, Executive Producer.

Topics have included: The Cult of Trump, Toxic Diet Culture, Death Doula (dealing with death and grief,) Teaching Black History, and Bridgerton.

Special guests have included Dr. Jennifer Hartstein, a child, adolescent and family psychologist, and contributor to the Today Show and Dr. Oz, and Dr. Janus Adams, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, historian and author.

March programming focuses on topics for and about women:

  • Alive at Stage IV: Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer with special guest Tammy Payne
  • Beauty Standards: A closer look at what is considered “beautiful” across cultures and time.
  • Women in Media
  • Women in the workplace
  • Being a woman in 2021

The end of March we will see the launch of a new web site which will have bonus content and a merchandise store for your “Loud Women” gear.

The Loud Women’s Club can be found on facebook and twitter. The podcast is on Apple Podcasts or anywhere you download your podcasts.

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