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Involved in a Motorcycle Crash? Here’s What to Do to Preserve Your Legal Rights

A motorcycle accident can be a scary situation. The dangers of being involved in an accident on the road are heightened even further because of the fact that a motorcycle provides you less protection from any injuries like falling off the bike or impact with a vehicle. While it’s concerning to think about how dangerous a motorcycle accident can be, there is another concern – maintaining your legal rights.

Even if you’re not at-fault for the accident, the ensuing legal battles or insurance claims can make your head spin, the best solution is to figure out what you need to know beforehand so that you’re prepared for anything. You shouldn’t have to ride in fear that you’ll be involved in a collision, but it pays to know your rights. Here are some things to consider.

1. Get Treated for Injuries First

Before you sign any paperwork or file any kind of claims, you should first always get treated for any injuries following an accident. The issue with a motorcycle crash, as mentioned, is that there is a higher risk for serious bodily harm. Not only is it imperative to make sure that you are being treated for any injuries to maintain your health and safety, but it’s also necessary that you do so to help get a better report on your condition if you need to file an insurance claim or sue for damages.

2. Hire a Lawyer to Protect You

As motorists, we have rights when on the road. Operating a vehicle, motorcycle, or otherwise is a privilege, but we are supposed to be owed the duty of care by other motorists or pedestrians. To help protect those rights you need to hire a good attorney to represent you. Furthermore, these motorcycle accident lawyers in Las Vegas say these are the things  you should be looking for in a good attorney, which includes reasonable fees, good experience, and a history of dealing with motorcycle-related incidents. Protecting your rights as a motorist means getting the support and legal expertise afforded by a lawyer.

3. Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider

This is also a time when you should contact your insurance provider to determine the next steps involving your coverage. This may eat into your coverage and you want the person at-fault to be held responsible for the damages you’ve sustained, both to you and your bike. This is also an important step in making sure that you are able to file a claim by providing your insurance company with the information on damage estimates/quotes and other relevant details.

4. Do Your Part to Collect Evidence

It’s always your word vs. theirs in the case of an accident, and while many people will be upfront and admit their fault and settle the case quietly and efficiently, there are just as many who will be stubborn and refuse responsibility. The best way to avoid this conundrum is by collecting evidence that will allow you to prove your innocence, provide proof that they were at fault, and give investigators a clear case in helping you eventually reach a settlement and receive compensation for your damages.

5. Keep Quiet About the Case

Protecting your legal rights in an accident case also involves how you handle the information as well. Collecting evidence and doing your part to be on top of all the details is good, but that can be undone by oversharing. The best course of action after an accident is to keep quiet and avoid posting about it on social media or talking with friends and family. The only ones who should be in the know are those directly involved (you, your lawyer, insurance) to avoid rumors, misinformation, and conflicts of interest to grow.

6. Filing a Lawsuit

The final step may involve you filing a lawsuit. In most cases, an accident settlement can be reached out of court, and often without insurance claims, but once again, there are a lot of people who will not accept their responsibility or their legal team will try to fight it. Filing a lawsuit helps you maintain your right to receive fair compensation and get the damages you are owed for your ordeal.

Even though a motorcycle crash can be a devastating experience, to say the least, it shouldn’t strip you of your legal rights when fighting for compensation to cover the damages you’ve sustained. Use these tips to help you retain  your legal rights.


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