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How Can a Lawyer Help You Fight for Your Disability Benefits

If you’re about to file a disability benefits claim, or if you’ve already filed one before and failed, there are some things that you should know. To increase your chances of receiving your rightful disability benefits, you need to understand how a lawyer can help your case.

Explain Your Situation

Firstly and before anything else, your attorney will assess and evaluate your situation. They will then help you understand your case, your chances of success, the strength of your evidence, and the type of compensation you’re entitled to. From here, all decisions will be built which is why having a good attorney who communicates well is essential. That being said, there are two types of disability benefits, the SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and the SSI (Supplemental Security Income). Your attorney will explain the differences and they will also tell you which of them you qualify for, if not both.

Collect Evidence

The evidence collection process can be physically and mentally exhausting, especially if you have limited mobility or if you don’t know what documents you need and why. To prepare for your claim, you’ll need extensive medical records (referrals, diagnoses, and medication history), statements from employers and caretakers (if available), as well as, military information, and personal information. Having a lawyer on your side means that you’ll be getting all those documents, without any errors or missing details. Not only does a lawyer know what they’re looking for, but they also know how to compile the evidence to build a strong case. The clever lawyer knows how to get evidence beyond the basic requirements to ensure your win.

Ensure Your Success

Anyone can file disability benefits themselves, but it takes a seasoned professional to get the claim accepted. According to the Virginia-based personal injury lawyers https://www.marksandharrison.com/, the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies more than half the claims they receive. However, as mentioned before, an experienced lawyer will gather strong enough evidence to support your case and improve your chances of receiving your due benefits since they know what the administration is looking for and their exact criteria for acceptance. They will also prepare you for your hearing by reviewing with you some of the questions you will be asked. Your attorney will be prepared for anything that might be thrown against you to invalidate your claim, thus setting you up for success.

Handle Legal Paperwork

You’d be surprised at how many claims get rejected because of missed deadlines, incomplete data submission, and failing to abide by the paperwork formats required by the SSA. The best way to avoid such an unnecessary risk is to hire a specialized attorney. Because of their experience, attention to detail, and the fact that it’s their only job to ensure your paperwork is handled properly, you won’t have to worry about any paperwork-related problems. It is, however, essential that you stay in contact with your attorney in case they need your signature or legal permission to obtain medical records or any other requested documentation.

Select Witnesses

Having witnesses on your side can sway the outcome of your hearing in your favor. Nevertheless, it can also be highly counterintuitive. Based on what you tell your lawyer, they will help you pick the witnesses who will best serve your case. Not just that, but because of their connections in the industry, they might know a few expert witnesses with no vested interest in you or your case, and with qualifications highly regarded by the SSA. It’s an attorney’s job to communicate the details and dimensions of your case to the SSA in the most accurate way possible. With enough experience in the field, a lawyer knows the type of witness they need to serve such a purpose.

Having read all of the above, you should now be looking for a lawyer to help you out. If you are, there are a couple of things that you should know before you choose the person or the firm that will fight for you. First off, they need to be patient, communicative, and caring. You need someone who will genuinely take interest in your case because that’s how you end up with a strong claim. An attorney who isn’t interested in knowing the details of your case won’t make you feel comfortable enough to disclose all the relevant information, and when it comes to disability claims, building a strong case depends on how much you share. Thus, it’s important to ensure you’re comfortable with your lawyer. It might be challenging to open up about your personal details, but keep in mind that the more your attorney knows, the more they’ll be able to help. They must try their best to make you comfortable, but you’ve got to put some effort, too.


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