May 23, 2024
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Here We Grow: Planting Resilient Species with Homestead Gardens and Annapolis Green

Annapolis Green is partnering with Founding One Hundred  Supporter Homestead Gardens in an exciting three-part spring seminar series, online, beginning March 24 at 7 pm.

With the theme of “Beautiful and Delicious,” the first up in the series, Here We Grow: Planting Resilient Species, focusing on understanding the soil and planting for this eco region. This event will be the official launch of Annapolis Green’s Here We Grow program,

Guest speakers include:

  • Heather Wheatley, Certified Chesapeake Bay landscape professional and certified professional horticulturalist. Heather’s immense knowledge of our landscape will help anyone, novice or pro, get the most out of the soil and provide guidance on what plants will thrive.
  • Josh Clark, Landscape Architect, Restoration Coordinator with Anne Arundel County’s Watershed Stewards Academy (WSA), and Chesapeake Bay Landscape Professional, will discuss WSA’s Replant Anne Arundel program, the mission behind the initiative, and how to get involved. Josh will also share his favorite native resilient species.

Here We Grow is a natural progression from how Annapolis Green has developed its demonstration garden on State Circle and Maryland Avenue. It all started just over three years ago when Annapolis Green began removing all non-natives and replanting the space as a pollinator friendly habitat. Two years ago, inspired by the author of Foodscape Revolution, the nonprofit began planting edibles in with native flowering plants. The concept of making this garden the cornerstone of an area-wide movement came to fruition in the past few months as the following became clear due to the pandemic:

  • The industrial food distribution system is easily disrupted and will likely get worse with Climate Change.
  • People need to connect to Nature and understand where their food comes from in order to be willing to take action to protect the environment.
  • There is growing interest in gardening and cooking during this time – a trend that is likely to continue.
  • Annapolis Green seeks to form a network of modern-day Victory Gardens throughout the region through which gardeners of all levels can grow flowers and food for their families, neighbors and local food banks.

“When we add edible plants into our gardens, we honor the symbiotic relationship that encourages growth and creates habitat for pollinators like bees and butterflies—and that is really important,” says Elvia Thompson, Annapolis Green President and Co-founder. “Let’s move the edibles to the front of our yards to create gardens that are beautiful and delicious!”

Stay tuned for more Here We Grow virtual seminars from Annapolis Green and Homestead Gardens on April 28 and May 19. More information:

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