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6 Signs That Tell You That Your Marriage Is Over

Getting married is one of the happiest moments in your life. You are in love with a person; and you plan to form a family and grow old. At that moment, people generally don’t think about how things can go wrong and how all that they are feeling can one day simply vanish. Love is a powerful emotion and on that day, the majority of people are serious when they pronounce ”Till death do us part‘ part of the vows.

However, things change. People grow as persons, they change, and sometimes, the couples that were once head over heels for one another, simply drift apart. If you have the feeling that your marriage is not working out, these are some of the signs you should look out for.

The Non-existent Sex Life

Sex represents an important part of every romantic relationship. To be clear, sex is not something that you should base your connection on, but if it’s nonexistent in your marriage, it might be the right time to file for divorce. Legal professionals who have spent years handling divorce cases will tell you this is one of the biggest red flags. So, if you’re both in good health but haven’t been intimate for a long time, something is definitely not working out between you two.

Living Together but Not Sharing a Life

There is a big difference between these two things. Some people can spend whole life with someone while being completely emotionally checked out for the bigger half of it. They almost treat them as a habit, a person you’re used to having around.

Simply, you can love someone but not be in love with them. Many people will settle for this kind of life. Still, this is another sign your marriage is not working out. In this type of situation, things generally get worse as years go by.

You Can Imagine Your Future Without Them

If you can invision your future without them, it’s time to stop and smell the roses. This is not an uncommon situation. After all, people change as time goes by and what you wanted when you were 25 might not apply now when you’re 40. One of the things that might have changed is the type of person you want by your side.

So, if you can see yourself 10 years into the future alone or with someone else, your life together is on the wobbly legs. It’s important to be on the same page as your partner and if that’s not the case, there is a good possibility divorce is one of the last things you will go through together in the future.

Emotional Affairs and Cheating

A little bit of flirting now and then is not necessarily bad but if you’re texting and talking in a way that’s more than friendly or platonic, you might want to consider your actions. Ask yourself why you need to do this and what are you lacking in your marriage. Even if you don’t act on your desires, there is a reason why you feel this way, and don’t sweep it under the rug.

If you act on those desires and start cheating on your spouse, there is definitely something wrong with your connection. Unless you are in an open marriage, you are hurting someone whom you supposedly love. So, again, think about your moves and decide with who you want to spend your life.

(Not)Having Kids

This is one of the major ones. If you two are not on the same page whether you want to have kids, you need to have an honest conversation about your relationship. Although kids are not necessarily the key to a happy marriage and they certainly won’t save it from ending, it’s crucial to be honest with one another regarding this question. You need to understand that although your relationship might work for a while, it will end sooner or later if you have different opinions.

Financial Issues

Money is obviously one of the biggest reasons for a couple to break apart. A study done in 2017 says that more than 20% of marriages end in divorce due to money problems. So, if you or your spouse are making a big financial decision without consulting one another, it is a sign that your relationship is on the road to disaster.

These are some of the top signs that you’re heading for divorce. However, before you talk to a lawyer, make sure you are certain there’s no other solution. If there is a possibility to save your marriage, try to work on it with your spouse.


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