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3 Ways Your Home Is Affected by Foundation Damage

One thing we rarely think about when it comes to our homes is problems with the foundation of the property. While other types of damage and repairs are more obvious, weusually cannot see most of the foundation. This means that we never really think about damage occurring to the foundation, and even if it does happen, we often do not realize it until the damage is already severe.

If you do have foundation damage, it could affect your home in a variety of ways, and this can have a huge impact on your property, your safety, and even your finances. With this in mind, we spoke with JES foundation repair specialists for some information. Here are some of the ways your home is affected by foundation damage if you do not get it sorted out by a specialist.

Problems That May Arise

A range of issues may arise around your home as a result of foundation issues, and this includes: 

  •         Cracked walls and floors
  •         Movement in the walls
  •         Sinking floors
  •         Sticking windows and doors

As a result of these problems, your home could be affected in many ways. Some of these are:

Compromising Safety

The problems that can stem from foundation issues can result in the safety of everyone in the home being compromised in a range of ways. The sticking doors and windows can result in someone getting injured while trying to open and close them. In addition, the issues with movement in the walls and cracking can weaken the structure and heighten the risk of collapse, which could also put you at risk. Uneven floor surfaces could result in an increased risk of trips and falls for both people in the household and visitors. If your foundation fails, it could have a domino effect on the rest of your home, leading to little things becoming larger annoyances over time. While some foundation issues are not dangerous or life-threatening, a foundation inspection can tell you when you should be concerned.

Ruining Aesthetics

Another thing that can happen as a result of these issues is that the aesthetics of your home could be ruined. This is because of the visual damage that foundation issues can cause such as the cracks in the walls and floors and sinking areas in the floors. All this can have a huge impact on the perceived condition of your home, as it can make it look far more worn and much older than it actually is.

Reducing Value

The impact of foundation issues can also affect your property value, and this can result in a huge hit on your finances. The value of the property can plummet when you have serious foundation issues, and the effects of the foundation damage can also lower the value of the property. On top of this, you may struggle to sell your property in the future because of the problems with the foundation.

These are some of the ways in which problems with the foundation of your home can have a huge impact when it comes to other aspects of your property.  

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