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What language degrees are most promising in 2021

Learning different languages is one skill that global markets wish to hire. It allows them to be more competitive and create effective communication around the world. It is why many universities and colleges offer a Language degree. Aspiring students are allowed to pick the language of their choice and learn a high degree to ensure cross-cultural competency and converse well when out in the field.

Benefits of Taking Language Degrees

One advantage of taking up a degree in language is that it gives the student an opportunity to study abroad. To further enhance their language skills and practice the use of it. Some programs also allow students to take up an accelerated bachelor’s degree in marketing, health education, history, and the like. This opportunity opens up a lot of career opportunities to students taking this path. It also helps the private and public sectors such as tourism to attract tourists and foreign investors.

Best Languages to Learn

There is no doubt that learning another language is beneficial. In addition to helping you build a career path, it is also a great skill to show while visiting another country for leisure. If you are passionate about the complexity of languages, then taking up a Language degree is the one for you. Here are the most promising Language Degrees you can take this 2021.


Spanish ranks as one of the most sought-after languages among students who want to take up a Bachelors’s Degree in Language. To help you understand why,consider that there are 400 million Spanish native speakers. It is the official language of over 20 countries and is labeled as the unofficial second language of the United States, where there is an immense number of the population speaks Spanish. Plus, if you are already taking up this course, there are a lot of resources available online for you to read and use for practice. However, if you are still on the fence, there are plenty of free materials online to check if this is really for you. If you are a fan of the Netflix show Money Heist, its original language is Spanish, and there are many other available series there that you can watch to help you practice your comprehension.


Chinese is one of the most widely used languages around the world, that is because China’s population is about 1.3 billion people as of 2020, making it a perfect language for everyone who wishes to learn a new language. It is good to acknowledge the fact that Chinese consist of different dialects such as Mandarin, Gan, Hui, Jin, and the like. They use the same writing system, so learning one of them will help you communicate with locals of another dialect in the form of writing. Students who have taken this degree often said that it is one of the hardest languages to learn because it varies to the sound, and one wrong note can give different meanings. So that is why it is essential to choose a program that you really like to pursue. Since China is very aggressive in terms of economic growth, it is worth studying their language.


Bonjour, Au Revoir are just some of the phrases associated when people talk about the French language. It is the second-most widely chosen language for foreign students around the world, next to English. French is the official language of over 29 countries. So whenever you decide to visit Senegal, Tunisia, or Switzerland, your learning won’t go to waste. According to experts, French is closely related to Spanish, Italian, Romanian, and Portuguese, considering it as a Romance language. Since it is connected somehow, learning French will give you an edge to easily learn these other languages or could easily learn French if you have already spoken one of those languages.


If you are an international student wanting to learn Arabic, you may have heard that it is a language that is quite difficult to master. It is because Arabic varies on where it is being used. A native Arabic speaker from Algeria may not understand a speaker from Lebanon. However, if you wish to pursue a career in the Arabic language, most programs will educate you to learn the Modern Standard Arabic, commonly known as MSA. It is the standardized version of the language that is being used by teachers in all Arab schools. Taking up MSA will help you communicate with native Arabic speakers from almost all Arab countries. What pushes you to learn this is that MSA is used in many business meetings, journalism environments, and even government use. However, if you have a specific Arabic-speaking country in mind, you can learn the language to help you with your day to day life.


In America, they consider Russian as a priority language, and if you want to work for the government, studying Russian will help you boost your chances to land a job there. Russian is one of the many official languages of America. However, if you are not a student from America, there are more good reasons to learn Russian. The first is that it is a widely used language in and outside of Europe, including Soviet countries like Ukraine, Tajikistan, and Georgia. Also, it is one of the most used languages on the internet, next to English. It is relevant to the number of the website, not including the users, making it easy for you to find resources online and practice your way to master Russian when taking up a bachelor’s degree on it. Your resources are just within your fingertips.

These are some of the best Language degrees you can take up this 2021. Always keep in mind that the best language for you to take is the language that your heart desires. It will keep you motivated to study and go the extra mile. So whether your goal is to close a million-dollar deal in Arabic, or become an instructor in China, remember that there are a lot of opportunities for you out there.

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