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Top Ways to Make Sure Your Dog is Fully Healthy

| February 27, 2021, 06:31 PM

They aren’t called Man’s Best Friend for no reason. They are companions and quickly become an integral part of the family. Just like we take care of our human health, it should be no different for our furry friends. Diet, exercise, routine medical checkups, and dental care are aspects of healthy living we need to maintain and monitor in our dogs. Sometimes out of love, we allow slightly unhealthy habits to develop. However, these can be detrimental to our dog’s overall health and wellbeing.

If you feel like you are probably not doing enough to take care of your dog’s health or you are wondering how you can best take care of your precious girl or boy, here are some ideas to get you started.

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What Does Your Dog Eat?

We as humans need to eat a healthy and balanced diet to maintain our overall health and functioning. It is the same for our dogs. However, a healthy human diet is not the same as a dog diet. More than that, we eat several foods as humans that dogs are unable to eat. Foods like chocolate, caffeine products, raisins, grapes, alcohol, raw bread dough, and anything with xylitol are dangerous for dogs. Another treat people commonly give their dogs is a bone to chew on. However, certain types of bones can be dangerous for dogs and are not recommended. Cooked bones or small bones are not advised for dogs as they can splinter and damage their intestines. Raw meat bones are fine but require supervision when being gnawed.

The best thing to feed dogs is formulated dog food, either dry or soft, designed and endorsed by pet specialists and vets. It is also essential to be aware of overfeeding your dog. Follow the guidelines stated on the packaging of the pet food, as well as your vet’s advice. On top of a healthy diet, there are supplements you can offer your dog to support his or her health further. The pet health pros at paramountpethealth.com offer everything you may need in the pet supplement range, packed with vitamins and minerals. Vets also approve of these supplements.

When Last Did Your Dog Last Visit The Vet?

Speaking of vets, when was the last time you took your little guy or gal to see the vet? Dogs require routine checkups, just like children and adults do. You mustn’t become too forgetful about these appointments as it is an opportunity to pick up any ailments or illnesses that could be treated if caught in advance. The vets will also inspect their dental health, which is another way to stay on top of problems as they arise. These dental inspections need to happen yearly. Vet checkups should also take place at least once a year. If booster shots are required, they will go more frequently. If you are concerned about the expenses related to your pet’s health, there are affordable pet insurance options that could help you to save if your dog should ever have high medical bills.

Does Your Dog Get Enough Exercise?

Again, just like humans, dogs need exercise to maintain their health. Regular movement is good for their physical health and mental health. If your dog is too sedentary and becomes overweight, it will create lifestyle diseases for them such as high cholesterol levels, joint pain, etc. Most dogs need a daily walk and depending on the breed, some require or can handle more strenuous and vigorous exercise. If you do not have the time in your day to walk your dog, there are dog walking services you can employ to take your fur pal out for a trot. It’s often an excellent opportunity for socializing too.

Dogs are very similar to humans in terms of what they need to stay healthy. The basic principles are a good diet, movement, and regular vet appointments. Don’t let poor habits creep up and negatively impact your pet’s health. Like their owners, it is our responsibility to do right by them by providing opportunities and resources to stay healthy. It is both a responsibility and a privilege to be a pet parent, and we need to try and ensure we are making the most of it. Hopefully, this discussion has given you some insight on how you can best support keeping your dog healthy and happy for years to come.

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