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Multi-Car Accident: How Does the Settlement Process Work?

Being involved in a car accident is not only taxing physically, but it can be a lot to deal with mentally as well. In a worst case scenario, you might sustain injuries that are preventing you from working; however, a payout doesn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.

Could the settlement process be complicated if there were multiple vehicles involved in the collision? Here is some information to help you understand how the settlement process might work when there are multiple vehicles involved.

Proving Your Claim

Although you can be a bit shaken up after a car accident, it is so important that you document as much about the collision as possible. If you are able to do so, it is a good idea to take pictures of your vehicle, the scene, the other vehicles involved, et cetera.

Try to gather information from the other parties involved, even passengers, such as their contact information as well as their auto insurance information. See if you can locate any cameras in the area such as those located at surrounding businesses, and write that information down for later reference.

Seek Medical Treatment Promptly

Even if you don’t feel as if you are injured, it is important that you still go see a doctor as you can start to experience symptoms later on. Your doctor should perform a thorough exam in order to make sure you are not suffering from internal injuries, head trauma, et cetera.

Just as you will need to document the damage done to your vehicle, injuries must be documented as well. You can have the following injuries and not realize it as there might not be any immediate symptoms:

Starting Litigation

One of the first things your attorney will do is start the investigative process in order to gather as much evidence about the day of the accident as possible. This is why your detailed account of the incident as well as all supported proof is imperative when it comes to getting a car accident settlement.

In a case where there are multiple vehicles involved, proving liability can be even more difficult as everyone is trying to blame someone else. As the insurance companies also perform their own investigation, many things will come into consideration such as the weather, road conditions and much more.

Getting a Settlement

The tricky thing about being involved in a multi-car collision is that liability can actually fall on more than one person. With so many people and insurance companies involved, this process requires lots of fact-finding and a constant back and forth. You might even find yourself on the other end of the claim game as one or more people might say that you were the one at fault.

Regardless, it is the duty of each person’s insurance company to protect them in the event that they are being sued. You can expect for your claim to either be flat out denied, or reduced significantly, especially if more than one person is filing a claim.

The insurance companies will try their hardest to dismiss any claims made against them, even if the evidence is clear. It is the job of your attorney to do their own investigation in order to prove that your injuries were sustained due to the other driver’s negligence. While it can take quite a while to reach a settlement in an average accident claim, having multiple cars involved might make the process take even longer. During this time, it is important that you keep a record of your doctor’s visits, how your injury is affecting you and anything that might come in handy should the case be taken to trial.

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