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February 9, 2021 | Daily News Brief | Vaccine shortage. Vetoes may be over ridden. A Buffalo Wild Wings rant!

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Today…Anne Arundel County was shorted 2000 vaccines for second doses necessitating the cancellation of appointments. A Brooklyn Park man is arrested on child pornography charges. The House of Delegates have started to override Governor Hogan’s vetoes including the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. Annapolis is getting a brand spanking new website today. We are looking for businesses to feature on our Saturday Business Spotlight!

And in a preiodic rant or opinion, I air some dirty laundry about an experience I had on Sunday at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Annapolis

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Good morning, it is Tuesday, February 9th,  2021 and THIS is your Eye On Annapolis Daily News Brief.

Before I forget, stay tuned for a rant.  I will warn you upfront that I might get some criticism for airing some dirty laundry here, but I can take it and to be honest, I think it needs to be said.  Intrigued?  Stay tuned….

Some REALLY upsetting news from the County Executive’s office last night. The Health Department is cancelling second-dose vaccine appointments for today and tomorrow morning.  The reason… apparently the State shorted the county 2000 doses.  Not that it makes it any better, but we are not alone as Montgomery County is calling foul on the same thing.  I certainly hope the doses arrive so those that are due can have them in the required timeframe.

In an all-to-common story, a 32 year old Brooklyn Park man has been charged with 16 counts of possession of child pornography and and six counts of distributing the same.  The investigation began in May 2020 and after a search warrant and seizure of electronic devices, the suspect living in the 700 block of Hammonds Lane in Brooklyn was arrested and charged.  Police arrested him on Saturday and he is being held without bond at this point. All tolled, he had more than 1000 images on on his devices.

I may have been wrong in a prior rant. When Governor Hogan threw down the gauntlet to the General Assembly about the $1 billion emergency relief bill I thought that would prevent them from over riding his veto of the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future..or the Kirwin bill.  The bill is going to cost $32 billion over 10 years and beyond that it is estimated to cost an ongoing $4 billion per year. But the House of Delegates overrode it yesterday an now it goes to the Senate.  They also overrode a veto taxing streaming services like  Netflix and will be considering another override for a tax on digital advertising.  Stay tuned, it might get a bit more expensive to live here.

And finally, today is the day. If you find the City of Annapolis website a bit glitchy–it’s ok. They are rolling out a new and improved website today that is more user friendly, puts social media up front and in focus, and a few other bells and whistles. There will be burps I am sure–and if you come across one.. send an email to [email protected]

OK that wraps up the news for us today.  As always, thank you  for listening and if you are somewhere where you can leave a rating or a review, please do. And make sure you let your friends, family and colleagues know about us it really is a big help!

We are gearing up to relaunch the Business Spotlight this Saturday and I and I am looking for businesses to talk to moving forward.  If you know of a local business that wants to chat about themselves, let me know. We’d love to feature as many as we can as we move through this pandemic! Send me an email at [email protected] or a DM on Twitter.

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I really do not like to criticize a business. And this is not something I would normally do. But , this was pretty egregious in my book, and it has been eating at me since Sunday afternoon.  So…here we are!

If you are ever looking for a lesson in customer service and somehow end up at a Buffalo Wild wings….turn back.  Walk away.. wait..check that… run away.  You will not learn a damn thing.

So, here’s my tale of woe that may end up costing me $50.

The day before the SuperBowl I ordered $50 worth of wings. I did it online and my thinking was the earlier the better since it was the Superbowl and their busiest day of the year.  Got my receipt and the order was to be picked up at 530 on Sunday afternoon. Perfect.

Arrive at 530. Wait in a long line to get in..it IS superbowl sunday of course.  Get to the counter and they say the order is not ready and to give my name, car description, and locaton to the girl in the blue hair and they will bring it out.  Cool.  I do that and head back to the car.

15 minutes later, no wings. I go back in and ask, and am told they are busy and they should be out any minute  OK.  I get it–busy day. And I even had a 20 spot for the guy or gal bringing it to my car.

6PM I am still in the car. No wings,  I go back in.  Now they say they don’t see the order. I show them the receipt. I say, can you just cook them now. They said it was at least an hour wait for new orders.  I said it was an order placed yesterday.  She turned away and went on to talk to someone else.

I interrupted and said just cancel the order and credit my card. She said I needed to speak to a manager and pointed me to stand in the corner in the front window.

615 a manager comes out, I show her the order, She goes and looks and comes back and says it is not here. I explained, that we had already covered that and I wanted a refund and that I would go and get some McNuggets for he superbowl.  She looked at the receipt again and said –no. You ordered these yesterday we can only refund something bought today.

I said that can’t be right, and she said, yes, you need to call corporate and disappeared in the kitchen

So I tweeted at them and they asked me to go to their website and tell them about my visit. I asked for a phone number and  they gave it to me.

Yesterday, I call and speak to an offshore call center–judging from the background noise and the questionable phone connection.  We understood about half of what we were saying. I hung up and tried again and the same weak connection but I did hear the customer service rep say something about a form and starting an investigation as the line went dead.

So today, when my bank opens, I will dispute the charge,

But they had several chances to … correct their mistake and blew them all. They could have have the order initially. Expedited an order for me. Refunded my money when asked. And invested in a decent phone service.  But they did not. All I was looking for was my order of wings or the $50 I had given them. Or maybe this is the way they thumb the scale on Super Bowl Sunday.  Who knows.

But I do know that I will not be returning to Buffalo Wild Wings and I will definitely be utilizing the CSAT axiom about a happy customer tells 3 people and an unhappy one tells 100 for the foreseeable future.

Now for customer service AND wings… I’ll spend my money at the Annapolis Smokehouse, Dark Horse, West End Grill, Heroes, Davises, O’Loughlins, and Acme

So, that is my tale of woe with Buffalo Wild Wings at the Festival at Riva in Annapolis.

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