June 25, 2024
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#FamousFund is doling out the dollars to save Baltimore restaurants and bars

The Famous Fund was founded by Jimmy’s Famous Seafood co-owner John Minadakis in January 2021 as restrictions were placed on restaurants, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Baltimore restaurant industry has been hit hard with COVID restrictions since March. The restrictions in Baltimore went further than many other counties, which significantly impacted small restaurants as they were forced to only operate as carry outs.

Mr. Minadakis was inspired by Dave Portnoy and the Barstool Fund, which started raising funds to save businesses across the country. Minadakis leveraged his existing relationship with Portnoy to shine a light on the struggles of the Baltimore restaurant industry. Several Baltimore businesses received relief from the Barstool Fund but many more remain in need. With that in mind, Minadakis began a local version of the Barstool Fund, which is now called the “Famous Fund.” The Famous Fund is already assisting several small restaurants who were on the verge of permanent closure.

The Famous Fund has raised more than $375,000 and this week partnered with former Baltimore Ravens kicker, Matt Stover and his Players Philanthropy Fund. Headquartered in Baltimore with clients all over the world, PPF will serve as the umbrella organization for the Famous Fund. Going forward they will manage all of the compliance and accounting needs, including providing tax receipts for donors. Their Fiscal Sponsorship model provides all the fund management and oversight needed so that The Famous Fund can continue to grow and serve the community that’s been serving the diners of Baltimore for so very long.

“I’m really proud of the work we’ve done & the lives we’ve been able to impact so far,” said Famous Fund founder, John Minadakis. “Our work is just getting started though, even with some of the restrictions being lifted.”

“I’m honored to serve as chair of the Famous Fund organization,” said former Baltimore mayoral candidate and Famous Fund chairman, T.J. Smith. “We hope to expand our ability to assist small businesses beyond restaurants and to the gig workers who are also struggling significantly.”

The Famous Fund has already vowed assistance to nearly 30 restaurants. Work that’s far from over, as they plan to continue to raise money to help many more. For a list of the restaurants that have been assisted thus far, please visit www.thefamousfund.com and to donate or find out about Fiscal Sponsorship please visit www.ppf.org, look for The Famous Fund under the Donate button at the bottom of the page.

In the midst of these unprecedented times, the Famous Fund has had one goal & one goal only: save small businesses, specifically bars and restaurants. Mr. John Minadakis, co-owner of Jimmy’s Seafood in Baltimore, started a nationwide movement – generating donations from coast to coast with celebrities, athletes & fellow Baltimoreans all stepping up.

To see the difference the Famous Fund is making, have a look:


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