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7 Clever Tips to Make Spring Cleaning Done in No Time

Spring cleaning can be a drag, but sometimes, you have to get it done. It can take a long time to get your house in order. It might be some dusting, or it could be a full-on deep clean where you’re shampooing the carpets and clearing out the backyard. Whatever the case is, it’s important that your home looks and feels right, especially before getting into the summer months.

If you’re thinking ahead to spring, and it’s coming up soon, it’s never a bad idea to start coming up with ideas or getting some help to make your spring cleaning easier for this year. Here are 7 clever tips that will assuredly help you keep your home in tip-top shape.

1. Start Organizing Tasks Now

The best way to get your spring cleaning prep ready is to organize your tasks now. You can figure out what does and doesn’t need to be cleaned, what cleaning supplies you need, and all the things that will be required to make sure you can get your home clean. Thinking about it ahead of time lets you get the drop on cleaning to make it a much simpler process.

2. Rent a Dumpster for Big Cleanups

If you’ve got a major mess, like debris from a renovation or  piles of junk lying around, then a dumpster is a good idea. You can even rent a dumpster to help clean up, which is useful if you don’t have the means to remove the waste yourself. With no access to a truck, a rental dumpster allows you to get through a major cleanup need in a short time.

3. Put Smaller Messes Into Piles

You can begin to organize those messes into smaller, more manageable sizes right away. Piling up old clothing, toys, books, electronics, etc. that you don’t wear or use that you intend to throw away or donate is a good proactive way to stay ahead of the mess. This also applies to the waste in your yard. Consider what can be organized right now to make it more manageable when spring rolls around.

4. Recruit Some Help

It’s also not a bad idea to recruit some help as well. It can be hard finding reliable friends or family who will actually take the time out of their day to come help clean because frankly, it’s not fun; but it’s also a really good way to divvy up the tasks and divide the labor. With more hands at work, the job will get done in a faster time giving you less to worry about and more time to relax. Of course, you can also hire someone and salvage a friendship.

5. Create a Schedule to Prevent Burnout

Just like pre-planning your cleanup, you want to schedule what tasks to do and how to give yourself breaks. The biggest issue people have with cleaning is that they try to do too much all at once which results in burnout. When you give yourself a schedule, you can incorporate what days to do what tasks and help keep yourself from doing too much. No burnout means you can extend your time working, maybe over the course of a couple of days. Always keep your mood and energy levels in check when committing to a spring cleaning schedule.

6. Start With the Most Important Cleanup Jobs First

Another error you can make in the process of planning and doing your spring cleaning is waiting until the end to do the big tasks. If you have to remove debris from your yard, or renovate something, or do a big task, it’s a bad idea to leave it to the end because you’ll be worn out and tired from earlier jobs. Make a list of the order of importance and size of the job and do the bigger ones first. It’ll help you psychologically handle the rest of the cleaning.

7. Keep On Top of Regular Cleaning in the Meantime

The last piece of advice is to always maintain your regular cleaning standards. Keep dusting, washing floors, and cleaning so that you aren’t letting things build up in anticipation of a big deep clean during your spring cleaning. This just adds more work to do and makes it harder to focus on the big jobs required. Be consistent and it’ll pay off.

Spring cleaning isn’t always enjoyable but it has to be done. To make sure that you handle it properly this year, use these clever tips to make it a breeze and stop frustrating about the next spring cleaning in advance.

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