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Factors to think about when choosing a nursing home

| January 11, 2021, 08:09 AM

Aging isn’t always easy. It brings new aches, pains, and worries, changing states of health, a little less flexibility and mobility than you used to have in the past, and all kinds of challenges that you might not have even imagined when you were younger.

However, it can also be a beautiful process, bringing new knowledge, a greater sense of contentment and peace, a growing family, magical memories, and so on, and with the right setting and support around you, your latter years can be some of the best of your life.

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This is why so many elderly people consider entering nursing homes and assisted living facilities. There, they can live out their more relaxing years in peace and tranquility, surrounded by new friends and tender caregivers to provide them with all they need for contentment each day.

However, there are tens of thousands of nursing homes in the United States, and choosing the right one for you can feel like quite a challenge. This guide will take a look at some of the top factors to think about to help you narrow down your choice and find the ideal facility to meet your needs.

Red Flags

Before we focus on some of the more fun and positive sides of nursing homes, it’s important to issue a reminder of the sad but true fact that not every home is the warm, welcoming, and safe place it should be. Reports have revealed that some homes fail to provide adequate levels of care, with some even employing physically and emotionally abusive members of staff.

For this reason, it’s vital to take your time when looking for a nursing home and pay close attention to any potential red flags or warning signs that could indicate a lower quality or less trustworthy facility. Examples include bad reviews, a history of staffing violations, rude or unresponsive staff members, or simply just a bad feeling you get when visiting the place in person.


One of the main factors to think about when looking for a nursing home to spend the latter years of your life is its location. Some elderly people can be tempted to travel quite a far way from their usual home and head somewhere sunny and warm, like Florida, in order to enjoy a more comfortable setting, while others prefer to stay close to home.

It’s important to take your personal situation and preferences into account here. Do you want to continue seeing your family on a regular basis? If so, finding a facility that’s accessible for them and not too far away is essential. If, however, you don’t mind starting a new adventure on your own and making new friends along the way, somewhere new and different might be right.


Nursing homes can vary in size quite a lot. Some of them are relatively small and intimate locations with few residents, providing something of a more calm and quiet environment where you can really get to know everyone and feel totally at peace, ideal for those who are more introverted or accustomed to quiet settings.

Other nursing homes can be much larger, almost feeling like little towns in their own right, with large populations and lots of people to get to know, giving them a more lively and sometimes noisy feel. If you’re a sociable person who loves getting out and feeling like a part of a bigger community, these bigger homes could be the best choice for you.


As well as providing round the clock supervision and accessible healthcare for their elderly residents, many nursing homes also offer an additional range of services and amenities to provide quality of life improvements and give residents various activities to enjoy each day. These services can vary quite a lot from one location to the next, so it’s worth looking closely at what each home has to offer.

Some homes may be able to provide better standards of dining, for instance, which can go a long way towards making daily life more comfortable and enjoyable for all, while others may offer sports, games, clubs, and so on where you can engage with other residents, make new friends, and keep yourself feeling active and engaged each day. For those less able to move without assistance, access to mobility aids is something to look for.


When you live in a nursing home, the staff members there can start to feel like your second family. They’re the people you see each day, helping you get around, providing you with the care and guidance you need, communicating with you on a daily basis, coordinating the various activities around the home, and so on, so it’s wise to focus on the staff before selecting a home.

At some homes, staff can be far more professional, courteous, caring, and well-trained than others, so be sure to look closely into staff training policies and find homes that employ well-trained workers with spotless track records in the field of medical care. Be sure that your chosen facility always has at least one licensed nurse on duty around the clock and speak with staff during your initial tour or visit to find out more about them.

Comfort and Aesthetics

Another factor that you may want to take into consideration when trying to find the ideal nursing home or assisted living facility to meet your needs and provide for you in your later years is the general look and feel of the place, as some homes can offer much greater levels of comfort and aesthetic beauty than others.

This is why it’s always recommended to take physical tours of homes before making any decisions. A physical visit will allow you to see what the place looks like, get a feel for the rooms, and see whether or not it appeals to your own tastes and sensibilities.

Final Word

Choosing a nursing home might seem like a big challenge at first, but if you take your time, take these factors into account, and compare your options with care and consideration, you can find the best choice with ease.

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