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Ways to get rid of Pharaoh Ants

The pest problem has been ongoing for decades. These little creatures are extremely disturbing and cause major harm to your property and even you. Different individuals have their own ways of dealing with this problem. Some prefer home remedies to eradicate pests, while others go for pest control solutions. Pharaoh ants are one of the pests that have caused a serious problem for all the properties that get invaded by them. Their nests are extremely small, thus hardly noticeable, which gives them a chance to hide easily. They feed on sugary foods mostly, and that’s the reason these ants are attracted easily to different properties because sugary foods are almost found everywhere.

There are many different ways through which you can get rid of these ants, but the first step is to block their entry into the house. You can make an effort to block their entry by following the below mentioned easy steps.

  • You have to cover all the possible areas of the house from where these ants can enter. Any cracks and narrow openings should be properly sealed.
  • These ants get attracted to sugary foods, so make sure to store your food in airtight containers. If you are discarding any food, seal it properly and throw it in a bin whose lid is heavy enough to close properly.
  • If you have any standing water outside your property, immediately get rid of it.
  • Pests are attracted to moisture; therefore, make sure that the humidity levels inside your house don’t reach beyond the normal limit. You can use a dehumidifier for this purpose.

You can search how to get rid of pharaoh ants in apartment on the internet and look for some more effective ways.

While the above-mentioned steps can help you a lot in getting rid of these ants, one of the most effective ways to eliminate pharaoh ants is through baiting. Baiting can be achieved easily by following the below-mentioned steps.

Detect the Areas

Start off by detecting the areas where the pharaoh ants are most likely to be found. This will not help you to get to their colony, but it gives you an idea where these ants are getting the food from.

Clean the Home

Clean up your home thoroughly and get rid of all the food sources that the ants might feed on. Check the cabinets, sinks, floor, and any left-over food. This will help you to block their food sources, therefore disturbing the ants.


Eventually, the last step is, of course, baiting. You have to place some poisoned food in the areas that will be easily found by the ants. The disturbed ants, with having access to food, will rush towards the food you placed and start collecting it to carry it to their colonies. You can use a pesticide generally used for pharaoh ants and contaminate the food with it.

The ants will eventually eat that food and die in no time.



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