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Did you know these 6 things about Eye On Annapolis?

OK so the title is a bit click-baity (Buzz Feed eat your heart out) but recently several people have mentioned that they were unaware of some of the other benefits for being a reader of Eye On Annapolis.  So, in case you did not know, here you are.

We Have A Weekly Events Newsletter

We publish a weekly events newsletter with many of the events happening in the area. It is delivered every Friday at 12:30pm right to your in-box. In addition to that, we also send other emails periodically–never more than 8 per month and they usually are event centric and most likely are passing along an exclusive discount to the event or a perk.

We always include an unsubscribe link at the bottom, so if you ever want to leave..no hard feelings, just click the link and away you go.  Want to subscribe? Here’s a subscribe button!

We Have Podcasts

We offer not one, but two separate podcasts.  If you are not familiar with podcasts, you soon will be. In the simplest sense, they are talk radio on demand. They are FREE and delivered right to your desktop or mobile device, tablet, or Amazon Echo (Hey Alexa). All you need to do is go to Apple Podcasts (formerly podcasts used to be on iTunes, but they now have their own app), Google Play, Stitcher, Downcast, ACast or any of the other “podcatchers” and search for either (or both) podcasts and click subscribe. No need for email addresses, sign-ins or anything. And then when a new episode is available, it will be right there within a minute or two of releasing! So what are the two podcasts? And if you DO subscribe, please leave a rating or a review!

The Daily News Brief is an “about” ten-minute podcast released every Monday through Friday at 7am. It is delivered to your iPhone, Android, Amazon Echo, or desktop.  AND, we just launched a Legacy Business Series that releases on Saturday’s at noon. Learn all about the local businesses that have been in the Anne Arundel and Annapolis areas for decades! You can listen to it on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, iHeartRADIO, Tunein and more. It is free and includes the top news stories of the day, the local weather forecasted locally by DMV Weather right here in Annapolis, event information, commentary, sports and much more.  And if you have an Amazon Echo or Alexa, we do have a skill for it. Search for the Eye On Annapolis Daily News Brief and enable the skill. Then all you need to do is say “Hey Alexa, play the Eye On Annapolis Daily News Brief” and she will play the most recent episode. You can even add it to your flash briefing so it will be added to all your other audible goodies. I have heard that the DNB is the perfect length to listen to as you are getting dressed in the morning. I prefer to not dwell on that image too deeply, but for what it is worth–that’s what I have heard!  Here are all the links for you to subscribe

Where to find the DNB...

The Maryland Crabs Podcast is our other podcast. My co-host,Tim Hamilton and I have no idea what we are doing, but we seek out guests and discuss topics that are interesting to Marylanders. Governor Hogan… Mayor Buckley (yes, we were the podcast where the infamous ferris wheel came up)… Rep. Anthony Brown… comedian Rita Rudner… community activists… the Maryland’s Secretary of Higher Education… Ted Levitt from Chick & Ruth’s Delly… a roundtable with Annapolis Fork’s Cara McKenrick and Lea Hurt… chatting with Naptown Pint or Joe Barsin from Citizen Pride.  You get the idea. We have more than two hundred episodes under our belt, so take a listen.  Here are all the links for you to subscribe!

Where to find the TMC...

We Want Your Letters to the Editor

We are always looking for other opinions. Do you feel strongly about an issue? Just want to get something off your chest?  Why not send us a letter.  We do not limit the number of words you can use (but keep it reasonable or people will tune you out) and you can be as passionate as you like. If you like, we can even keep you anonymous. Got some thoughts on the hotel at City Dock, Market House, the upcoming election, or the quality of the water in the Chesapeake Bay? Let us know and we will share it with our 180,000 monthly visitors.

We Have A Community Calendar

Are you looking for something to do? Make sure you check out our community calendar. There is a link right at the top of every page on the website and it is chock full of events in the region. Concerts, festivals, meetings, fundraisers, crab feasts, political events, and more!

And if you have an event you want to share with our readers, by all means submit it. There is also a link to submit your event at the top of every page and it is pretty simple. It will not appear immediately as we manually review each one to make sure you didn’t curse!  There is never a cost and it will get your event exposure to thousands of people every week. If you maintain your own event calendar on your website, we might be able to make it easier for you by grabbing your feed and replicating your events on Eye On Annapolis. Shoot us an email and we will see if we can make it happen! But here’s a button to check out our calendar!

We Now Have A Feedback Telephone Number

We get it. Not everyone is confident in writing a letter to the editor. But everyone has an opinion. Feel like making it known without writing?  Give our feedback telephone number a ring and go to town. It is an unmonitored virtual number so don’t expect anyone to answer. But after the beep–leave your message. We can’t guarantee that we will put all remarks on one of the podcasts, but there is a good chance! Feel free to leave your name on the recording… or not. Your call. Also, feel free to use the number for any general feedback or suggestions. Just remember, the call is recorded and it may be used in a podcast on the Daily News Brief or The Maryland Crabs. In case the link does not work, the number is 443-266-3600.

We Are Supported By Advertisers

And if you have been reading us for any length of time, you realize that we subsist on advertising…not subscriptions. Believe it or not there is a significant cost to produce this site, the newsletters, the podcasts, monitor the social media, etc. And we also need to eat as well.  We believe in offering our readers a free product and have grown a very strong audience (about 180,000 visitors a month to the site, about 150,000 on various Facebook pages, 50,000 on Twitter, and several thousand podcast subscribers) in the region, and many local businesses have taken notice and supported us for years. Homestead Gardens, Rams Head On Stage, Zachary’s Jewelers, Chesapeake Bay Trust,  Severn Bank, K&B True Value, Annapolis Maritime Museum, Watermark Tours and CruisesThe Maryland Higher Education Commission, and many more.

We are surprisingly affordable and effective for the right businesses or organizations. If you are a national brand or a big box store–no thank you. We firmly believe that a community begins on Main Street. And because of that, we support the main street type businesses.  We offer banner advertising on the site combined with some social media mentions, and we have some limited spots available on the two podcasts. If you think we might be a match–shoot us an email and we can see if it makes sense.

So, for those who asked, there it is.  All of the different ways you can interact with us for FREE!  If you enjoy what we have between the site, the social media pages, the podcasts, the newsletters, and all…please make sure you let your friends know.  We made it easy, just below the final paragraph should be a bunch of “share” icons–go on give them a click!

And while it should go without saying, I do want to say it–thank you for being a reader! Your loyalty is much appreciated!


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