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Annapolis educational sights to add to your student’s bucket list

One of the most important aspects of college life is to travel around to gain some informal education on top of the formal one you get from your professors. This doesn’t mean that you have to travel out of the country you’re in or spend a lot of money to get to your favorite places for wanderlust though. As a student, you can easily find some sights in your own city that will be both fun and educational. That is why we’re highlighting some of the best places to visit in your city and then deciding which ones you’d benefit from seeing the most.

If you’re a student in Annapolis, Maryland, you’re in luck. There are many historic places here to see that will provide you with an excellent educational experience. Moreover, the sites over here can help you find inspiration for doing homework. While visiting the exhibits you can order rough essay drafts from professional writers at Writix, and after visiting some of the educational sights in Annapolis, you can add your personal experience and knowledge to enrich the paper.

Known as the ‘sailing capital of the US’, this city has a lot to offer if you’re studying history and culture or are interested in watercraft. Even if you’re part of another academic course, visiting some of the best places to see in Annapolis is still going to be an amazing experience.

The U.S. Naval Academy

One of the top educational sites for students to visit is the Naval Academy. Ever since 1845, this place has been welcoming students and training them to be officers in the Navy, so you can imagine how much history these buildings hold. If you’re more interested in history, then you can visit the U.S. Naval Academy Museum and see some amazing historic artifacts yourself rather than seeing them in a book. If you appreciate some lighthearted fun, then you can also take a look at Naptown Funk to see the viral video created by a recently commissioned Ensign.

James Brice House

This may not be a house from medieval times, but it is a very impressive sight to visit for all students interested in U.S. history. Built in 1767, this house is a very good example of the Georgian Mansions that the city is popular for. The house is being restored back to its original glory and is definitely a must-visit spot if you want to see a house from the time of colonialism in the U.S. And if you’re an architecture student, visiting a house as historic as this is going to teach you a lot about how people used to live in 18th-century America.

The Banneker-Douglass Museum

For students of sociology, visiting this museum that focuses on African-American history is really worth it. It focuses on the lives of Fredrick Douglass and Benjamin Banneker and will teach you how their work inspired countless people to work towards their freedom.

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts

Art students must visit as many art galleries as they can while they are in school to see some pieces of art up close. For an art student in Annapolis, the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts is one such gallery. Carefully looking at some of the artwork on display will give you a better understanding of art and much inspiration for writing. And if you’re not able to visit it personally in these troubling times, the people working there have created online video experiences for you to enjoy.

The Maryland State House

The country’s oldest state house that is still being used, the Maryland State House is a place that is filled with historic value. Many of the nationally significant events in U.S. history have taken place in this building. When you visit the State House, you’ll also be able to see the Old Senate Chamber and the original address of George Washington, among many other such things.

If you’re a student in Annapolis and you cannot afford to travel outside the city, don’t think that you won’t be able to visit some important historical and educational sights to complement the course your teacher has prepared for your class. There are plenty of places in the city that are going to give a very good look at the history of the country. And when you’re done visiting all these educational sights, you can also indulge in some excellent food, drink, and nightlife. But whatever your interests are, chances are that you’ll find something educational and yet cool to visit in the city of Annapolis during college.

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