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How to stay safe before driving through a perilous route

As fewer Marylanders are flying, the great American roadtrip is gaining popularity. Going on adventures and traveling can be a great way to spend your youth [or whatever age you decide to travel, frankly]. Travelling, however, can be dangerous, especially when you need to cross dangerous roads, perilous routes, and mountains. Before heading out, you should know how to stay safe. Preparation is the only way that you can ensure no harm comes your way, or at the very least, minimize the chances of any harm coming to you.

While no one can prevent an accident, another key element is knowing what to do when you end up in a dangerous situation!

So, what to do?

Avoid Negligent Drivers

When traveling the backroads of any area, the landscapes may be dangerous, and you will definitely feel out of place and uncertain. With that said, other drivers may not be uncertain, and to the contrary, will likely feel very confident. Unfortunately, negligent drivers pose a large risk to you, and in some cases, they pose a larger risk to you than the roadway itself. According to the legal specialists of brookslawgroup.com/most-dangerous-highways/, it is negligent drivers that account for most road fatalities. With this said, you must avoid negligent drivers like the plague; when you see them coming, get as far out of their way as possible.

Notify Relatives and Friends

While not a preventative measure to avoid harm coming your way, notifying relatives and friends is a guaranteed way to ensure if an accident occurs, you have a stronger chance of being found on a desolate and deserted road. Your family and friends will be able to notify authorities and search teams and tell them where you were traveling so that if you are injured, you can be rescued. You should always notify your relatives and friends before embarking on a perilous journey. And most of today’s smart phones have an app that can track and notify.

Equip Your Vehicle

Equip your vehicle for the terrain on which you will be traveling. If you are going to be traveling through heavy snow, make sure your vehicle has snow tires on. Equally, for any other terrain, modify your vehicle so that you are able to travel through it. Dangerous terrain and an unequipped vehicle can be a recipe for disaster; always make sure your vehicle is ready to take on the roads and trails you intend to use. You would not turn up to the foot of the Himalayas with a scooter, so do not turn up to rough terrain with your vehicle unequipped.

Hire a Guide

If you are considering embarking on a potentially perilous journey, rather than going at it alone, you may want to consider hiring a guide. A guide who knows the area and who is familiar with the route that you will be traveling will be better equipped to help you get to where you need to go. Rather than going at it alone, consider enlisting the help of somebody who has made the journey many times before and knows shortcuts and routes to avoid. And if the Chesapeake Bay Bridge gives you chills, we have guides for that 4.5 mile journey as well.

Bring a Companion

If you do not want to hire a guide, consider bringing a companion. Whenever you are embarking on a route that could be potentially dangerous, you may want to bring a companion. A companion does not necessarily have to know the road you are traveling but is just there simply to alert anyone if you are in danger or to help you avoid dangerous situations. A companion is a great way to stay safe during a dangerous journey. If you are embarking on a dangerous and perilous route, a trusty co-pilot could save your life.

Emergency Medical Equipment

Bringing emergency medical equipment along with you is a good way for you to ensure that if you do hurt yourself, that you are able to put yourself back together again [not literally] and continue with your journey. Emergency medical equipment should always be brought along with you when you are making dangerous journeys across unfamiliar routes. This will ensure that should any minor injury be sustained, that you can quickly tend to it and will not have to wait for an emergency service provider [if any can come], nor will you need to get to a town or village to seek medical assistance.

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