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How Terps are standing this season: The Latest News

Amid recent global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, things have definitely taken unexpected turns, including the world of football. Things are no different for the Maryland Terrapins, who are now playing a Big Ten game – the narrative that few believed in, but that’s finally becoming reality. There are changes that will definitely impact how the team will stack up against Big Ten competition this season, so following the latest news on this college program will definitely shine some light on future performance.

New Reality Sets In, the Terps Are Determined to Stay

Last year, the season ended 3-9 for the Terps, and this year, coach Mike Locksley is determined to guide the team towards contention and positive results, regardless of current events. In the span of one week only, all team activities were halted due to eight COVID-19 reported cases. The Terps vs Michigan State game was also canceled without rescheduling.

But the winning mindset is what Terps need right now and coach Mike Locksley definitely knows this. “I am gutted for our team and for our fans. This team is eager to play and compete and continue the growth we’ve seen this season. This virus is testing our players and coaches right now, but I have no doubt that we will emerge as a stronger unit for having gone through this together. As for me personally, I am feeling strong, with only minor symptoms. I will continue to lead this program virtually and our game preparations for Indiana will begin immediately,” Locksley said.

What’s Happening With the Maryland Terps This Season?

Before the new season begins, there are a few changes coming in the way the Terps are approaching their game long-term – there are opt-outs and additions that definitely need to be taken into consideration.

Some key Maryland Terrapins players are returning, a fact which will be very appreciated by their team. On one hand, there’s Marcus Minor, Johnny Jordan, Austin Fontaine and Jeshaun Jones, who will consolidate the offensive line again this season. On the other, players like Dontay Demus Jr. and Nick Cross, whose skills are also extremely beneficial for the team. The fact that so many players are returning for this season will give the team the stability and cohesion it needs to build and maintain a successful strategy during games.

The additions that the Maryland Terps are very hopeful for this season are Taulia Tagovailoa, who is expected to bring some much-needed consistency at the quarterback position, and Rakim Jarrett, who has the potential to continue the line of great wideouts the Terps have had so far.

There are also some opt-outs that will impact the Terps’ trajectory during this season. The most notable departure is that of Josh Jackson, who was the program’s most experienced quarterback. Other opt-outs include Vincent Flythe, Jalen Alexander and TJ Kautai.

What’s Expected to Come for the Terps This Season?

There are many moving pieces in this overall picture for the Terps this season, however it’s safe to venture some guesses regarding their direction and overall performance to come.

This season will definitely not be an easy one for them, although the program seems to be developing in a good direction. There are some competitors this season that may pose serious challenges for the Terps, such as Ohio State, Minnesota, and Penn State, while other teams can still pose a risk within the conference.

Although the Terps may not stack up so brightly against Big Ten competition just yet, getting a few additional victories over last year would still be an important benchmark for the team’s progress.

The Terps Continue to Have an Impact In Fantasy Football

Online sports bettors have also been affected by the changes brought on by the pandemic. However, as we can read on blogs such as LegalBetting, football is still the king of online fantasy sports betting, drawing in many fans that keep themselves updated with all the changes throughout the tournament’s timeline. For decades, fantasy football involved getting together with friends, drafting teams of players, and waiting to see how things would play out throughout the season. The problem arises only if their best players get injured or their teams just don’t do well. Something that could easily happen this time. To preclude it, recent years gave rise to daily betting, which means you can draw other players the next day if your team got out of shape.

Fantasy football can become so captivating that Every week of the season comes forth with many millions of dollars that are ultimately up for grabs. Many fans even end up developing a stronger interest in certain players simply because they are on their favorite fantasy football teams. It’s no wonder then that Maryland Terps players are so popular in fantasy football leagues since this college program has provided the football world with many key players and has achieved results that go beyond its reputation. Some of the Maryland players whose stats are skyrocketing in fantasy football are Yannick Ngakoue, who’s currently playing for the Baltimore Ravens, and Stefon Diggs and Quinton Jefferson, both of whom are playing for the Buffalo Bills.

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