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COVID’s impact on mental health of Annapolis

| November 27, 2020, 07:51 AM

Just when the world thought we are through tough times, the COVID virus returned, and it’s again rising at the same pace, if not faster, as before.

The Maryland government was quick to take action and successfully stopped Coronavirus from doing a lot of damage. All businesses were opened and people were back to their lives once its spread stopped, but, it wasn’t the end of it. Anne Arundel County has reported around 16,000 confirmed cases and has suffered the loss of over 280 lives. This number is rapidly increasing with new cases in the second wave of COVID.

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Governor Larry Hogan has announced some restrictions instead of going for a full lockdown. It’s understandable for everyone that a curfew-like lockdown has grave consequences to the economy and livelihood of the public.

While all organizations and news channels are quick to report the loss of lives and revenue, few are discussing how COVID has affected the mental health of Annapolis. Life doesn’t feel like life when were are not mentally healthy. We are unable to experience the joys of life, and it significantly affects our quality of life.

Losing loved ones, staying in isolation, worrying about employment, and constantly living in fear can’t be easy on anyone’s mental health. Normally, people go out with friends, visit a new place, or see a therapist when they feel down. But COVID has forced us to maintain a social distance.

As the government can’t do much to ensure everyone stays happy and satisfied within their own homes, we also have some responsibilities as a citizen. Taking care of just yourself isn’t exactly too much to ask. Here are some practices you can follow to maintain good mental health during these difficult times.

Create and Follow a Routine

Many of us get things messed up when a little out of routine. You may not be much disciplined, but you have always been following timetables. Now that there are no time restrictions at home, you are likely to waste a lot of time and energy. Not getting things done on time, or the feeling of not achieving anything, makes us feel bad about ourselves.

Create a simple routine that you can easily follow and follow it religiously. It will help decrease stress and get you to eat and sleep properly. Set a time to sleep and get up and prioritize things you have to do each day. Furthermore, reserve hours for work, family, and yourself. Be sure not to set strict deadlines for yourself.

Talk to Friends with Distance

Just because you can’t meet your friends, it doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them. Talking is very important to maintain good mental health. If you can meet them without putting your lives in danger, you should get together and re-connect.

If you can’t meet friends and life is getting difficult for you, it’s best to seek professional help. You don’t have to leave your house for this. There are Maryland therapists that offer online counseling. It’s best to contact a professional therapist instead of waiting for things to get worse.

Make a Habit of Exercising

A sound body has a sound mind. Get your body moving, so you always stay mentally healthy and physically active. Even people who exercise regularly lose their routine during the lockdown. Instead of taking the quarantine as an excuse, consider it an opportunity to improve yourself.

Sitting a full day at home can also disfigure your body posture. Set thirty minutes every day just for exercise. You can find plenty of workouts for your age, body type, and body goals. Remember, you will need to follow a routine to adapt to this habit.

Keep Your Home Tidy

A messy environment negatively impacts our minds in more ways than most of us can imagine. You might think that you don’t have any problem with an untidy home, but it discreetly stresses your unconscious and makes you feel restless.

Keep everything clean and in its place now that you are spending all days and nights inside the house. This will help you feel relaxed and at peace. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as there are plenty other mental health benefits of a clean house.

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