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University of Maryland sports could see fans this winter

The big news surrounding many ongoing events lately has been around the fans, or lack of them, in attendance. Many are keen to get back to watching their favorite teams play live; but for many, it seems that wait could be much longer than anticipated as health concerns still take priority. But it seems the University of Maryland could be amongst the first to welcome fans back.

Maryland athletics had announced that it had been planning for sports competitions in both Winter and Spring, this comes as Maryland’s head football coach Mike Locksley had given support for a winter/spring season with fans following the announcement that the Big Ten would cancel fall sports for safety concerns. Of course there will be some restrictions to this for safety reasons, namely  the likelihood of reduced capacity for any of the spectators and measures to ensure that contact is kept to a minimum – but the head coach does seem optimistic; “From the early things that [the Big Ten has] been able to discuss, I’ve been really pleased with knowing that it’s definitely feasible to do it, and while also keeping the player safety and health in the forefront of it and not playing too many games in one calendar year.”

There will be some speed bumps on getting things going along the way however; the first will be to encourage players to get back safely as there had been some push back by many feeling that now may not be the time to get events back underway again as the pandemic still grows in the US. And of course there is the option of keeping the games in a bubble and behind closed doors  – but this may be a little more difficult for collegiate sports.

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There still little news around football and when the Terp’s may actually take to the field again.  A training camp roundup suggests that many on the roster are looking strong in a somewhat unusual training camp; but it is good news that the players are staying on form. If winter is being the target for fans watching the games, it could be expected that another month or two will mark the return, but recent news would also suggest that college football may be among the last of the sporting events to return as many of the players are looking to return as students before they return as athletes, causing a little divide in what may happen moving forward.

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