March 31, 2023
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Why Annapolis small businesses should invest in local search and marketing

An estimated  80% of local searches result in conversions making a significant impact on the growth and success of a business. Local leads are likely to be generated because of a smart SEO and marketing program. Thus, investing in local search engine optimization (SEO) makes sense because much of the searches may be converted into sales. Having a good  SEO strategy and marketing campaign can help improve bottom lines and encourage growth.

Increases Traffic

One of the major reasons why investing in local search and marketing is a good idea is to increase your traffic. If you have an online presence, you can easily  measure the number of visitors who stop on your site. Obviously, traffic itself will not increase revenues, but, an online presence will help potential clients find you using local SEO. For example, if a user enters ‘best gift shops in Annapolis MD’, the page will contain a list of shops in the area. Some may have a website while others will contain info where to find the physical store. Reviews can also be included giving the customer an idea of what to expect from that shop.

Research shows that websites that have invested in SEO get more than 50% of the total internet traffic. If your business ranks on the first page of search results, you are seeing over 90% of that traffic. For niche market businesses, the percentage is often higher. According to Marketing Sweet, a Local SEO Services Adelaide, SEO relies on analytical tools and if you don’t have the experience, hire a professional SEO agency to improve and optimize your return on investment (ROI).  SEO pros can reach target customers, people who engage with your brand, or clients who are ready to buy or act.

Boosts Revenues

There are many factors that contribute to revenue increases when local SEO and marketing are used. Building a user-friendly website, creating appropriate content that caters to each stage of the buying decision, and promoting clear and visible call to action all help in higher conversion rates. That means more visitors will become solid leads and these leads translate to potential paying customers that will increase revenues.

According to a PWC report, a great experience keeps customers happy. They will buy more, stay loyal, and are willing to share their experience with friends. SEO plays a huge role in keeping customers happy.  Creating a content or copywriting strategy that is built around helping current and potential clients will likely be effective in lead generation and sales conversions.

Cost-Effective Over Time

Local SEO is not going to replace paid advertising completely, but over time, it reduces the amount you need to spend on ads just to attract new clients. As you become more visible in your customer’s search results, more folks will see you naturally. On the other hand, an ad campaign is often effective only for as long as it is running. Once it ends, it is highly likely that traffic stagnates, especially if you don’t have continuous customer retention strategies in place. Another reason why SEO is attractive is that the ROI is high and continues over the long term. Evidently, for as long as local SEO is ongoing and you’re willing to tweak and adapt to changes, it will yield positive results.

Local search and marketing are vital strategies in enhancing revenues and retaining customers. They offer valuable advantages such as increase in traffic, higher revenues, and cost reduction.

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