April 22, 2024
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Rotaries working with Annapolis to expand Little Free Library project

Meeting in City Hall January 10, 2020 before touring LFL sites, are left to right, front row: Dona Rudderow Sturn, Rotary Club of Annapolis, Chair, LFL Project; Judith Miller, Rotary Club of Annapolis, Co-Chair, LFL project; Gavin Buckley, Mayor, City of Annapolis; Archie Trader, Director, Parks & Recreation; Carletta Allen, president, Rotary Club of Annapolis. Back row: Adetola O. Ajayi, African American Community Services Specialist, Mayor’s Office; Bill Regan, Rotary Club of Annapolis, Chair, Happy Hour Group; Steve Frantzich, Rotary Club of Parole, VP, Books for International Goodwill (B.I.G.); Scott Gregory, Rotary Club of Parole; Margaret Davis, Rotary Club of Annapolis, LFL committee; and Frank Andracchi, Rotary Club of Annapolis.

The Rotary Club of Annapolis and the Rotary Club of Parole’s Books for International Goodwill (BIG) have teamed up with the City of Annapolis Mayor’s Office, City Recreation and Parks, and City of Annapolis Police Department to support the Annapolis Little Free Library (LFL) project.

A LFL is a free-standing, weatherproof mini-library in a box that is stocked with books that are free for anyone to “take a book, keep a book, or share a book.” Each LFL will be initially stocked, then restocked with more books from BIG as its contents are depleted.

The Rotary Club of Annapolis is seeking several two-librarian teams (generally to include one Rotarian) to keep each LFL maintained and stocked.

Plans call for Mayor Gavin Buckley to dedicate the first LFL in August. In Phase One, Annapolis Recreation and Parks will install more than 14 LFLs over the summer in Robinwood, Truxtun Park, Third Street and Back Creek, Poplar Park, Ellen O. Moyer Park, and other areas to bring books and reading directly into communities. In Phase Two, LFLs will be located inside community centers.

Fourteen of the first LFLs will be filled with general books for all ages. Four additional LFLs, sponsored by the TKF Foundation/Nature Sacred, will be specific for children and installed alongside an adult LFL.

LFL locations can be found at www.annapolisrotary.org/little-free-library. Each LFL is dedicated to a notable person who has achieved great success or made historic contributions to our community, state, or nation.

In Annapolis, 61% of low-income families have no books at home for children. One in 10 people in Annapolis live at or below the poverty line. Nationally, 14% of adults cannot read. Studies have shown that book readers are healthier and that exposing adolescents to books helps improve social interactions, long-term learning, literacy, and life skills.

Individuals in the Annapolis and Parole Rotary Clubs have sponsored 11 of the first 14 LFLs. Three additional sponsorships are available in Phase One, at a one-time cost of $500.00 each. Anyone interested in sponsoring a LFL or in being a LFL librarian, can visit www.annapolisrotary.org/little-free-library.

Books for International Goodwill is proud to help bring free books to kids and our communities. To learn more about BIG and their periodic book sales, see www.big-books.org or call 410.757.2785.

Hopefully, children, teens, and adults will visit a LFL in their neighborhood to “take a book, keep a book, or share a book,” and enjoy the wonders and riches of reading.

Interested in learning more about the Parole Rotary an Books for International Goodwill? Have a listen to our podcast.

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