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You can turn that clunker in your garage into much needed cash

Do you want to get rid of your old car in your garage? Try your luck in a cash for cars services. The best services will offer car removal and cash for junk vehicles like trucks, cars, vans, all over the country.

Knowing the process will help you in understanding how your vehicle is utilized after you sell it. So, how does it work?

Locating the best company

The first step you must do is to call one of the reputable companies providing the service. You might be tired of looking at your 10-year old car or fed up with neighbors’ complaints regarding your 10-year old car. So, look into getting rid of it and putting some cash in your wallet or purse. There are even reputable used truck buyers if you’re looking to get rid of a truck that you own.

Most companies now offer an online submission process so you can do it from the comfort of home.

Providing basic information

Make sure you have the basic information about your vehicle including the VIN number, color, year, make, model, and other options as well as the condition. Not all companies will need this, but better to have it in front of you in case they do.

After submission, the company will evaluate the value of the car (and its parts) and get back to you with an offer for your vehicle. It may be immediately online, or it could be several days. If you agree with them, they will schedule a convenient time to pick it up, sometimes the same day.  Remember to have your title.

Saying goodbye

The company will send a flatbed to your location to get the car and to hand you cash (yes, it is typically cash) along with a receipt.

Where is the vehicle taken?

The vehicle is taken to the junkyard where it is evaluated. The car itself may be sold as is, or (more likely) it will be disassembled and the individual parts will be sold. Reputable companies will insure that the vehicle is not misused or sold illegally. And in keeping with a smaller carbon footprint, the unusable parts will typically be recycled if they are able.

What Should You do Before you Sell your Junk Car?

Like most legal things, getting rid of a car is a process. Here are some things you should take care of before getting into the selling process –

  1. Sort Out the Paperwork. Prior to selling the car, make sure you have all the right paperwork to execute the process seamlessly. You do not want to be juggling with documents at the last minute. Even if the car is going to be crushed into a big pile of scrap metal, you will still need to prove that you are the real owner of the car—so you will need the title. Moreover, you need to transfer the title of the car to the buyer at the time of the sale. If you do not have a title, you will have to work with the MVA to get a replacement. This process varies from state to state, but it is imperative to prove ownership of the vehicle.
  2. Take Your Plates. Junk car buyers have no use of your car’s license plate. In fact, the law may require you to return them to the state where they were issued. Make sure to take off the plates and comply with the local laws related to the license plate.
  3. Empty the Gas. Junk car buying companies take out any liquid present in the car, including gasoline. This is because any form of liquid present in the vehicle can be harmful to the salvage yards. Therefore, make sure that you take out the leftover gas from the old car if you can.
  4. Remove Any Custom Parts. If you have included any custom or aftermarket parts to the vehicle, you should take them out prior to selling the car for junk. These parts are not going to add value to the scrap price; therefore, there is no point in keeping them there and you may want them in the future to keep or sell.
  5. Cancel the Insurance. A junk vehicle that you have sold off does not need insurance. To be safe, only cancel the insurance once the vehicle is gone. Many states have steep fines for an uninsured vehicle, even if it is disabled and sitting in your garage. You should expect a pro-rated refund or credit from your insurance company if you pre-paid for the insurance.

Ending thoughts!

Hiring a reputable company ensures that you will not only get rid of the car but also get the fairest value for it. It also ensures that you are participating in an environmentally friendly process.

Times are difficult right now and we all can use a little extra cash. There may be some sitting in your driveway or garage.

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