April 22, 2024
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Crystal balling the fate of sports in a COVID-19 world

What will college sports resemble when they return?

When COVID-19 first entered the U.S., sports were among the first things to go; and they are ending up being one of the last things to return as well–including college sports.

As we all know, college sports is huge for fans, huge for schools, and huge for the revenue they bring in. There are so many that are hopeful for a swift return, but COVID-19 is not a fan.

Some schools have made decisions to not play sports in the fall at all. Others are picking and choosing what competitions they want. And still others, like Navy, are still waiting to see how it all develops.

As it stands at this moment, anything is possible, but there is a lot of speculation about various rivalries, should they be played. But when you will be able to know about that big selection of games remains to be seen.

Will students return?

One of the major deciding factors for college sports is the question of students. Sure, a game can be played without fans; but not without players. Like the sports leagues, schools are making their decisions on how to safely return to campus. Some have opted for an at-home, virtual semester; others are looking at school as normal; and others are looking at a blend.

Absent a full return to campus, fall competition looks improbable. Decisions are still being made; and unfortunately, they will be made at the last minute.

A continuing health crisis

However, with COVID-19 still not under control in the United States, there is a great risk that a spots season, if it starts at all, may be interrupted. We only need to look back to March of 2019 when the NCAA canceled the March Madness tournament which was swiftly followed by the NBA, NHL, MLS, and MLB among others.

Students and athletes alike will need to be regularly tested for the virus until a vaccine is available and it is quite possible that schools may interrupt any on campus academics and return to at-home, remote learning or a hybrid.

Too many variables

There are too many variables to really predict what the fall will look like. While many remain hopeful of a robust season for all sports, the odds are slowly decreasing with each day. Vegas oddsmakers are still taking wagers if you are brave, but maybe it makes more sense to place your bets with our local casino or the Syndicate Online Casino slots.

Regardless, it looks like this fall will be unlike any that we have seen in or lifetimes. And, unfortunately, at this point there does not seem to be an end in sight.

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