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COVID RISING: Forecast for MD and AA County

COVID Maryland Anne Arundel County July 2020 Evolve Direct Primary Care

COVID Maryland Anne Arundel County July 2020 Evolve Direct Primary Care

The rate of new COVID cases has risen at a worrisome pace these last 2-3 weeks in Maryland and Anne Arundel County. Projections for the next 10 days can be found below. Maryland new covid cases July 2020 Evolve projections

Maryland COVID Cases Increasing

The graph to the right shows the number of new COVID cases per day in Maryland (averaged over 7 days). It is easy to see the success Maryland enjoyed through most of June as the number of cases fell to a low around 300’s at the end of June.

But then, beginning about some time after July 4th, the rate of new COVID cases begins to climb. As of July 17th (most recent data), the rolling 7 day average (click here for data) was up to 634 for first time since earlier in June. Using the data available, we can project the 7 day average will climb back to the same levels as peak pandemic as early as July 24th. 

Anne Arundel County COVID Rising

In Anne Arundel County, it has also become obvious the case counts are rising. Anne Arundel Covid Projections July 2020 Evolve

As can be seen in the chart to the right, the blue bars represent the actual COVID daily case counts for Anne Arundel County as of July 17th.

To the right of the graph, in yellow bars, are projected number of COVID cases based on polynomial statical estimate through July 28th.

The red boxed area represents the number of daily COVID cases at the peak of the pandemic for Anne Arundel County (May 3rd to May 30th).

As of today’s most recent data, July 17th was the first day Anne Arundel had the same number of new COVID cases per day as was seen during the peak of the pandemic (89). 

This week, Anne Arundel County Health Officer, Dr. Nilesh Kalyanaraman,  sounded the alarm about rising positivity rates suggesting an impending new surge.

Note: projections are derived from polynomial 10 day trend line using the previous 30 days data. Data available upon request. 

US COVID Cases Surge

On Friday, the US added another nearly 71,000 COVID cases, bring our total to 3,765,000.

The US now  has  27% of the worlds COVID cases despite only having  4.25% of the entire world’s population!

Global COVID Data Evolve virtual urgent careIt’s not challenging to see that the US, with the exception of Brazil and India, has 5 times more cases than Russia and over 10 times more cases than any other country on the planet.

Adjusting for size of country, the US is still has more cases of COVID per 1 million population than 200 out of 212 countries, provinces and territories on Earth. And the US also has more deaths per 1 million population than all other countries except for 10 of those 212.

We do recognize that some of the 212 countries and territories are under representing their numbers.   

Education and Prevention is the Key to Stopping COVID

The key to preventing the spread of COVID is wearing masks, washing hands and unfortunately, ongoing rigorous social distancing.

Many health experts believe we will not be able to turn this new surge around without a rapid return to earlier phases of reopening, potentially even Phase 1 (stay-at-home).

It’s a challenging path, a path that requires sacrifice and strength but we can do this, together.

For more information, about Coronavirus (COVID), click here. 

If you have been experiencing fever, headache, dry cough or any worrisome symptoms,  please CALL your doctor immediately. 

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