June 14, 2024
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Annapolis DJs and musicians can now buy and sell on Gemtracks

Twenty-three-year-old singer, songwriter, producer and DJ, Jesse Neo has officially launched Gemtracks, and is inviting all music producers to join the website.

Starting out as an electronic music producer, singer and songwriter himself, the 23-year-old made waves in 2017 when his work became featured in The Huffington Post and RESPECT Mag. Eventually, labels and music companies from Los Angles and New York City started reaching out to him with song writing contracts.

Then after seeing many gaps while in the music industry, Jesse Neo eventually created Gemtracks, an online platform for musicians to collaborate with each other, to buy and sell beats, and offer educational resources.

“I realized there is still a lot of tasks being manually done in the music industry,” Jesse revealed. “For example, finding producers and songwriters, communicating with them and getting their rights. With that in mind, I created Gemtracks to simplify all those duties.”

Currently, Gemtracks sells beats, composed by international producers and DJs, at prices between $99 to $599 each. Some of these top producers include I.Y.F.E.E, Beowülf, Milana Leybovich and Lucas Gold.

For each purchase, the buyer is expected to receive the master ownership and copyright. This also means that the beat will be removed once it is sold. The buyer can then release the songs to as many platforms as they choose without having to pay any royalties. All these aspects are what contribute to the higher prices of the beats.

The beats marketplace has been growing strong in the past several years, and musicians have been making thousands. Now Gemtracks is looking for new producers to sign up to Gemtracks.

All major genres of music can be found on the website, including hip hop beats, pop beats, and all the way to rock beats and EDM beats. Sub-genres are also available too.

However, every new producer wishing to sell must go through some strict protocols to ensure they have the knowledge and experience. These include interviews, questions about past work, and computer knowledge.

“I really want Gemtracks to be the ultimate online destination for musicians to come together and collaborate,” Jesse continued. “Right now, we are seeing a lot of success with singers buying instrumental beats. Later, we are expecting to see artists book recording studios too.”

The only downside though is that if an artist releases a song containing beats from a producer, and the song becomes an international success, the producer won’t see a cent of the profit. However, with the rarity of songs becoming a hit, many producers are willing to accept a guaranteed payout.

Other than being a marketplace, you can also expect to see a blog and an artist database to help aspiring musicians make it in the competitive industry.

So if you are a music producer looking to make some extra money or an artist searching for some professional tracks, head over to Gemtracks to buy and sell beats.

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