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Supporting our local businesses when lockdown eases

There is no doubt that the last few weeks have been a strange time for everyone in Annapolis and also around the entire United States. Stay at Home orders issued by states saw everyone quickly adjust to a new way of life and to find new ways of staying entertained. Just up the Bay in New Jersey with casinos closed, people are playing at NJ online casino sites. To those in Maryland, many are taking up new hobbies or working from home. Any way you look at it, the coronavirus has had a massive impact on our lives. Of course, the pandemic is still ongoing, although Maryland State Governor Larry Hogan has recently set out the ‘Maryland Strong: Roadmap to Recovery’ document.

This document sees official state policy go from Stay At Home to a more relaxed Safer At Home message. But what does that mean for residents of Annapolis and indeed the whole of Maryland? In general terms, this new roadmap sets out public health advice and also how the State can begin to reopen for business again.

It is excellent news for the local economy in Annapolis and across all of Maryland, which has taken a real hit from lockdown measures. But how can you support local businesses in your area when the lockdown is finally eased?

Shop local

Of course, the first and best thing you can do is to shop locally when businesses reopen. Being closed for so long will have put a real strain on many – any customers they get will help them to get back on their feet again. This is also a great tip because it is so easy to do! All it takes is a change in attitude from visiting large corporate supermarkets or shopping at huge online websites to getting what you can from local businesses.

Tell your friends to shop local

Another great idea to help local businesses recover from the COVID-19 pandemic is to ask your friends to shop locally as well. By telling them how important it is to the local economy and also how accessible it is, you can make a real difference. This word of mouth advertising will be gold to any local business and help them market their services but without having to spend precious cash resources to do so. If your whole network of friends begins to buy locally, it will give small businesses around Annapolis and the whole of Maryland a significant boost.

Give your time, money or help

This is another very cool way of helping out those local businesses close to where you live post-lockdown. Many may be thinking of reopening but may not have the money to pay for all the staff they need. That could mean the owners or only a few staff working flat out, trying to do everything themselves. If you have some spare time, why not try to help by offering to work for free? Giving up your time in this way saves the business money on wages but ensures they can operate to full capacity to earn money quickly.

If you do not have the time to spare personally, why not think of buying a gift card for a struggling local business that needs help to get going again post-lockdown? Keep an eye out in your area for any that are running appeals or events to raise cash. An unusual, yet creative, thing you could do to support local firms after lockdown eases is to pass on any unwanted items you have that they could use to draw customers in with. A comfy old sofa, for example, could be just what your local coffee shop needs to drum up some business.

Get busy online

We all know how important online reviews and feedback are to businesses. You can use this fact to help local firms around Annapolis recover after lockdown is eased. Making sure to head online when you have received excellent service at a café or restaurant to leave positive feedback is one example of this idea in action. Social media is also huge for small, local companies in the state. To help them get lots of exposure and new custom to recover with, post up details of local firms you love to visit or use for them to start making more money post-lockdown.

Supporting local business is essential

The local business community across Maryland and the whole US has been hit in a major way by the COVID-19 lockdown. Now that Maryland is looking to start on the roadmap to reopening soon, it is vital for people to support smaller, local companies. It will help them get quickly onto their feet again and to keep trading. It will also protect the jobs and prosperity within the state.

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