June 16, 2024
Annapolis, US 62 F

BONUS PODCAST: An update from The Village at Providence Point

Last September,  we spoke with Larry Bradshaw who is the CEO of National Lutheran Communities & Services and the man behind the project now known as The Village at Providence Point in Annapolis.  A lot has happened since then and today, we check in with Bradshaw as the project seems to be headed into the final stretch of the approval process.

Today we learned that they has submitted their plans to the City of Annapolis after working with the Stop Crystal Springs (opposition group) and the City to address most of the concerns. There are two remaining concerns that are still undecided as it is a decision (guidance) that needs to be provided by the City. If all goes well, Bradshaw thinks that construction might be able to start in the early part of 2022.

While on the same property, this is NOT anywhere close to the same project as Crystal Springs. Along with a change of names to The Village at Providence Point, this project has been downsized in the number of residents and in the general footprint of the project.

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