April 16, 2024
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Pandemic safety tips for Annapolis truckers

3.5 million truckers work in the USA, and these truckers are helping residents of Annapolis and other American cities to get  essential supplies during the pandemic. Annapolis hosts several trucking companies, including American Freight Inc. and Nationwide Transport Services, so our local truck drivers need to know how to stay as safe as possible until a reliable  vaccine for the Coronavirus is available. Truckers are everyday heroes who keep the supply chain moving. They also need to stay healthy. When truckers follow these tips, it will reduce their risk of road accidents and decrease their odds of becoming infected with COVID-19.

Truckers should guard against distracted driving

Psychology Today reports that a phenomenon known as pandemic anxiety is sweeping the nation and impacting people worldwide. This type of anxiety is characterized by a sense of rising panic. If you’re a trucker, you need to ensure that you aren’t preoccupied with pandemic-related worries while you’re behind the wheel. Creating a sensible self-care regimen will help. During these uncertain times, truckers should eat nutritious food, sleep at least eight hours per night, and avoid unhealthy habits such as drinking, smoking and over-dependence on caffeine. Truck accidents can lead to fatalities or severe injuries, which have legal ramifications and will require a specialized  truck accident lawyer. Truck drivers should, therefore, take good care of themselves. When they do, they’ll be less likely to get distracted on the road and cause accidents due to driver error. Common causes of distracted driving include watching videos, using navigation systems and texting.

Personal hygiene is also important

The CDC recommends hand washing to keep COVID-19 at bay. Truckers should wash their hands as often as possible for at least 20 seconds. Hands should be washed with soap and warm water. Truckers may also want to keep hand sanitizers in their cabs, although these types of products are admittedly scarce during the pandemic. In terms of personal protective gear, disposable gloves are recommended for truckers while they are delivering items, fueling up, or picking up cargo. Face coverings, such as homemade fabric masks, are also good ways to minimize the risk of spreading germs during the Coronavirus crisis. Truckers who begin to feel unwell while they’re on the road should consider reaching out to doctors remotely, via telehealth services.

Truck cabs should be kept very clean

A sanitized truck cab will give you more peace of mind while you’re driving. To ensure that germs are eradicated, be sure to disinfect your cab with a solution containing one part bleach to five parts water. When you keep this disinfectant in a spray bottle and have paper towels on hand, it’ll be easier to keep your cab clean. Proper disposal of garbage, including used paper towels, food wrappers and personal protective equipment (such as disposable masks and gloves) is also important, as the Coronavirus can live on some surfaces for days (up to three days on cardboard, for example). Pack up any garbage immediately, and seal used PPE (personal protective equipment) in bags before adding them to the garbage. This will help to protect sanitation workers from germs.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, staying alert on the road, staying clean, and keeping your truck cab fresh and tidy will help you to stay safe during the pandemic. What truckers are doing for Annapolis (and America) during this crisis is important. Use these tips to keep safe.

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