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The Southern Maryland Horse Summit to take place in Annapolis

Horse owners, riders, and anyone else involved with an equine-related business has been invited to the first Southern Maryland Horse Summit in Annapolis. This event promises to bring together experts in the horse industry for a range of seminars.

The summit will take place on Sunday, March 8th at the DoubleTree by Hilton Annapolis. It is to be hosted by the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC). They have organized the event together with the Equine Studies department at the University of Maryland and the Maryland Horse Industry Board.

It is going to be a one-day event that aims to both inform and inspire anyone who is involved with horses in Maryland. There will be three different seminar tracks offered at the same time. A number of topics will be covered.

The topics are for everyone from beginner riders to experts and should be of interest to anyone who runs an equine business in the state. Even an established trainer who is hoping to train a horse to take part in the Kentucky Derby 2020 or in a future race is sure to find some useful information here.

Susan McQuilkin is a Marketing Executive for the SMADC. She said this event will “bring together credentialed speakers with expert knowledge”. These equine experts will pass on tips and will also look to engage with the community of horse-lovers thanks to their enthusiasm for the subjects to be covered.

Further comments on the upcoming summit came from Karyn Owens, who is the Program Specialist for the SMADC. She pointed out that the program that they have planned will contain “something for everyone” who is interested in horses. Owens pointed out that she and McQuilkin are both keen riders.

Steuart Pittman is the Anne Arundel County Executive as well as being an experienced horse trainer and active in the local equine industry. He will start the summit with his opening comments before passing on the microphone to others.

Lynn Symansky is the keynote presenter. She is currently one of the world’s top Three-Day Event riders and has been riding for close to 3 decades.  Another important speaker is Montie Eagle, who is a clinician and teaches different styles of dressage as well as proving invaluable information on a range of equine matters such as weight loss and saddle fitting.

General admission tickets cost $45. Students and young visitors pay $30 for entry to the event. Attendees will receive a light breakfast as well as a catered lunch.

A New Horse Bill Proposed in Maryland

In other equine news, it has also been reported that a new bill could make it illegal to harass a horse in Maryland. The proposal would see anyone who violates the law hit with a fine of up to $1,000 and a year in prison.

The bill was proposed at the 2020 Maryland General Assembly by State Senator Michael Hough. It would make that it is illegal for anyone to interfere, injure, or tamper with a horse that is carrying out any lawful duty.

Senator Hough confirmed that a law of this type already exists in relation to race horses and those that are being used for breeding purposes. However, the new legislation would ensure that it is extended any working horse that is carrying out any sort of legal activity.

The need for this new law comes mainly from issues with horse-drawn carriages in Frederick County. Radical protestors known as the Frederick Vegan Army have been protesting about the use of horse-drawn carriages in the city. The bill was unanimously passed by the Senate.

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