March 28, 2023
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OPINION: Don’t diss on the local businesses

We are all in this together. And we will all come out of this together. We all need to be thankful that we have a Governor that reacted as quickly as he did and take some solace in the fact that we are likely to come out of this COVID-19 Pandemic a lot better off than many other states in the nation.

It is a confusing time and the rules are changing quite literally by the hour. Two weeks ago, we were coming off the high of a fantastic St Patricks Parade. And three days later we were told to keep our distance. Restaurants were shut down, but allowed to reopen for carry out. Some worked it out. Others did not. Then they couldn’t sell booze and then they could. And on Monday, Governor Hogan closed all non – essential businesses leaving thousands of business owners with a lot of questions and a big dose of fear.

When your business is shut down for a power failure or severe storm, you deal with it. When the governor says you are unable to make a living indefinitely—its a whole different ballgame.

Please stop criticizing any businesses that are continuing to market to you. It is NOT insensitive. They are in the fight of their lives. These are the restaurants that you love to eat in. These are the computer repair places that you depend on to fix your tech. These are the bakeries that bake that awesome birthday cake for your kid. The escape room that gave you that frustrating hour with your friends trying to escape. That jeweler that sold you the ring to which she said I do.  That comic book store that provided you with with hours and hours of entertainment. These folks are the fabric of our community and if they deserved our support before COVID-19…they deserve it MORE right now.

You may not be in a position to buy a gift card, or in a place to eat out every night and that’s fine. But don’t criticize a business simply trying to survive.

They realize you are probably not running out to them right now in these uncertain days. They don’t expect it. But they DO want you to remember them and remind you that YES THEY ARE STILL THERE!  They are shouting this from the rooftops; and unfortunately, I have seen a lot of unwarranted criticism across the interwebs.

The harsh truth is that some of your favorite businesses will not be around on the tail end of this. This is not a power failure or a severe storm. This is a life threatening situation for most businesses.

So lighten up Francis.  Check out their ads and listen or watch their commercials, Make a wish list of things you want to buy or eat when this is all over. Go to their Facebook or Instagram page and leave them some encouragement. Leave a positive review–you have the time to do it now!

If you have the means to buy a gift card or visit them (if they are open)—by all means do. But please don’t diss these businesses for trying to save themselves.

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