June 22, 2024
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Legacy Business Spotlight: Smithey Law Group

If you ever have a problem with a boss; or if you are a boss and have a problem with an employee–look no further than West Annapolis and the Smithey Law Group.

Today, we speak with Joyce Smithey, a labor and employment law attorney with 20 years experience based in West Annapolis. We talk about some of the reasons you might want to contact er if you are en employer or an employee. How Maryland courts rule, some tips, and general thoughts on how to handle the conflicts that invariably will come up in an employer-employee relationship.

I walked away truly feeling that for any business, a consult to discuss employment policies and law would be money well spent. Plus, check out the resources on her website…link below.

Have a listen!


Up next Saturday– Pedal Power Kids! (We had planned for Atlantic Marinas this week, but due to the COVID-19 situation, we re-scheduled them for a time when people are thinking more about boating than buying toilet paper)

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