June 16, 2024
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Legacy Business Spotlight: Weems Creek Nursery School

Flashback 20 years. I am sitting in a 12″ tall chair at a 24″ tall table at Weems Creek Nursery School.

Today, we speak with Mary Ostrowski who is the owner of the venerable Weems Creek Nursery School in West Annapolis. My own kids attended nursery school and kindergarten there way back when and not a lot has changed–and that is a great thing!

We talk about the care that was taken in building the school and the honor she feels being entrusted with its future. The little red brick building oozes love and caring for nearly 50 years! Hear how Mary wants to take the community and build on it.

If you have a newborn, or a toddler, or a pre-schooler (or if you plan to have one of those)–please check out Weems Creek Nursery School.

And to Mary– thanks for the trip down memory lane!

Have a listen!


Weems Creek Nursery School (Website)

Weems Creek Nursery School (Facebook)

Weems Creek Nursery School (Instagram)

Weems Creek Nursery School (Alumni Facebook Group)

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